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  1. Has anyone have a hack or two that might help keep the IPad mini from over heating? I thought it may have been from being connected to power but later realized it warned me of over heating without being plugged in. 91%, that day.
  2. Thanks Tim. If I didn't say so congratulations on your M20C. How much flying were you doing before you got it and how much you are you doing now?
  3. I thought I added a new photo but it didn't seem to post. Hmmm. I will try again.
  4. That's true. I really like this Mooney space so why not?
  5. I went to WHP because my son live in the San Fernando Valley. That way also had a lower mountain pass. Had I seen your text before hoping on United Airlines I could have at least considered that route. The good news is I got the bird and I'm back in Georgia safe and sound. You guys were absolutely correct about it being a slippery bird.
  6. If you're as stubborn as me you'll have it sooner than you think. I've seen nice ones out there but costs and conditions all over the board. Try reading as much as you can about the aircraft and the group chats have been God sent in many cases. It's like having family everywhere.
  7. Yes sir. Thank you. I'm at Hartsfield Jackson as we speak.
  8. Yes sir, I'm counting on it since I want to start my IFR training. A month ago I passed the written as well. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. Thank you, Ohdub. I'm very excited.
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