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  1. I guess it depends on what price knocks most sim enthusiasts out, but I would be interested
  2. Well, thing is, I already have whelen led lights. I bought the plane two months ago though so maybe this problem was there even before the avionics shop put the led lights in
  3. Where might I find a generic circuit breaker switch? I've been searching around for a couple hours but must not have found the correct one. Does it use some other part number? Air Power has some new at 318
  4. I'll check that out, but the switch itself doesn't really click into place well when it's switched on either. it'll some times flop back in the middle between off and on
  5. My landing light switch seems to be broken. It will turn on momentarily then turn off (and sometimes flash like a strobe). I believe I must have bad switch. I THINK the switch I need is on Lasar's site at the link below as part 930023-235A, but it's sold out (and has an enormous price even if it were available). What's everyone doing when this happens? It doesn't look like they have any in stock that are the same even if it were a beacon switch instead of a landing light switch. https://lasar.com/switches/rocker-switch-landing-light-circuit-breaker-930023-235a
  6. It appears to us that a piece of metal on the latch actually broke apart
  7. From what my A&P and I can tell, different enough that the holes don’t line up and will require some drilling it appears and possibly a field check (or Lasar said field check for the KM610-51 if they had it anyway). Might be my only option though
  8. The latch on my 1979 M20J SN 24-0806 oil access door broke today. KM680 is the part I need from Camloc Alcoa, but they are no longer made and appear out of stock. Lasar mentions using KM610-51 and drilling some new holes to make it work, but they are out of those too (I might can find one though). does anyone have any better solutions that might have broken theirs also? Those latches are a pain anyway. I wonder if the newer style latches on later models could be used
  9. My internet experience? I was there for the prebuy, bought the plane, and it flies great. Greg went above and beyond including letting us borrow their car instead of taking expensive Lyft/Ubers too. He's also been willing to answer questions after it was all said and done days later. Nobody likes a smarta**, dude
  10. I called on a Monday I think it was, and we did the prebuy with Greg on Friday. Edit: and yeah, multiple Mooneys were in the shop
  11. Multiple people on here recommend him, plus I disagree completely, but whatever man. I guess he can wait 6-8 weeks on Arapaho air while the plane he likes is sold out from under him.
  12. Greg at KBJC Mountain Air just did one for me last weekend. He was great!
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