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  1. Does anyone have the installation text of ModWork's STC SA250GL so that I can double check to make sure my governor is correct? My rigging is still what the parts book shows for A3B6D and presumably A1A, but I have the STC for the A3B6 that was installed in 1995. I just did an overhaul and want to verify that all my components are correct. I have a C290D5-J/T24, which is not even in the parts book that I have. It works as is and I get 2700 RPM.
  2. Thanks. My overhauled engine with DLC cam is being delivered today; can't do anything with it until I get my governor back from o/h next week. No sense to install the engine without the governor first and then fight with it to put it in next week.
  3. Mine only made 2350. Mess around with the gov for a while and it finally ended up being a bad cam only opening the valves half way. sad face
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