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  1. To all of you, i would like to thank you for answers and solutions i really appreciate this forum and it's always cool to see "aviation is a mindset of sharing" For the moment i read a lot of post and differents website where i've found a lot of information on mooney aircraft It's always better to be the only one owner. You're not depending of an other one but all the cost are for your pocket. yes indeed.. Somebody told me "if you want to buy an airplane, buy one you can't rent ! and you agree, the mooney are so gorgeous. There are not lot in renting i will take my time : first : Find the right aircraft and second finding maybe a sharing option with an other owner. More many thanks to all of you
  2. hello Georges, i'm new on the forum, if you agree would like to keep this post in memory i think i will need your advices very soon :-) thanks in advance
  3. Dear members first, thanks for your support and the time you will took to read this post. I wonder about aircraft owners, do they wait a certain time of the year to sell an aircraft? i live in Europe, and i'm looking for a good M20, a J prefarbly. i don't see a lot of them for sale except in the USA. There are a lot of Mooney for sale but travelling far to find the right one is not an option for me maybe Mooney owners are not interested to sell their aircraft ? :-) and i can understand :-) i have study the case about "regular cost and variable, hangar, insurance, etc... "I'm looking to acquire because i have enough of renting. but all advices are welcome ! thanks once again *********************************Eric "Trigger"*******************************************
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