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  1. There was a model I liked and its actually from Jimmy. As of now this is the best one I like including the cockpit. I’ll probably reach out to him soon. Not going to buy right away but I’ll make sure to find Parker.
  2. Sure! I was wondering what PPI meant silently but I was worried I would sound stupid if I asked haha thanks Hank! I will make sure to get a PPI.
  3. A - thanks so much for all your help and info! Looks like Pipers are more expensive than Mooneys, TT are double or triple and hard to find. I’m getting training using Cessna 172S. The Mooneys approach and landing speed are faster than Cessna and so I’m still debate. Do people adjust to this quickly?
  4. A- hahaha yea so true. I have a old shoulder injury from tennis so I guess I’ll have to buy a J model. I tried looking for M20Cs but no electric gear! Also do J models need to get high performance endorsement??
  5. Lol! I am preparing for many checkrides so my subject is determined for me. My language is Korean. I don’t have problems with reading or writing but speaking is my weakness and so I don’t want to do CFI. Its because I learned English 20 years ago in college.
  6. Hey! I like your aircraft decal and color. I hired a surveyor when I bought my boat and it was very helpful so I got a 20 page report with the findings. I had to get this because we needed to determine the value of the boat and let the loan underwriter know. Also there is a method of determining market value of a boat (I can’t remember the name of the book/application). Is it the same for aircrafts?
  7. Thanks Clarence! I think then I’ll have to go for something later than 1980 because I don’t like the manual gear lol
  8. Thanks Tom! Very good advice. Thats easy to miss so its a good reminder.
  9. Thanks for your detailed response! I’ll definitely keep it in mind
  10. Thanks for your reply. Yes! I’ve considered option #2.I was going to go for CFI but due to personal situation, not really an option.
  11. Thanks Andy! I found a good forum here and I feel like I came to the right place for advice.
  12. You are awesome! Really appreciate your feedback. I’ve wrote to other people many times but I’ve wasted so much time and money after buying a used boat. Thats why I was aiming for a model newer than 1980. Do you think it’ll be ok to buy an older 1960 or 1970? Does an overhaul really have 3-6 month downtime? I was going to go the CFI route and I’m in my mid 40s and because this is my second language. I’m pretty burdened and stressed about teach other people in English. appreciate your feedback once again. Very useful! I will certainly send you a PM if I have any other questions.
  13. Thanks! I really want to go the CFI route too but unfortunately there are personal circumstances that I can’t go/may not be able to go. Even though it costs a lot, I’ll problably go slowly
  14. Thanks! I know this is best and I want to go this route but I have my personal reasons unfortunately
  15. Wow thanks for all that great info! I graduated college over 20 years ago and I agree with you. I’ve been looking on gmax all this time lol. Thanks again!
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