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  1. Version 1.0.0


    M20J IPC Man#226
  2. Once again the simplest answer is check the Mooney website! thanks for showing me the way,,,,again!
  3. I’m pretty sure it’s a factory option based on the responses I’ve found all I need except the access door, thanks for the responses
  4. So I found this... is there an external door? where is the door?
  5. ahhh the dreaded wiring diagrams....anyone have a picture?
  6. I am perusing the STC's available for my M20F and cant find an external power plug stc. Do any of the Mooney aircraft have EPU plugs? I would like to poer the aircraft from an external source without having to open the side panel and battery box every time!
  7. Does anyone have the wingtip option? I didn’t even consider the tail beacon
  8. Greetings Mooniacs! who uses the Uavionics skybeacon as a solution for ads-b out? Are you happy with the unit? any issues mounting on a pre J?
  9. So you need cleveland 164-20 discs (Mooney p/n 164-020000) are you asking where to find new? Used?
  10. New aircraft new owner new operating techniques start from a baseline and plot your results, there is definitely a correlation between pressures and temperatures. M20Doc definitely has the sage advice when it comes down to it but…..oil is a cheap Insurace to guarantee your engine is operating at its peak performance. If you add oil is it not taking contaminants with it as its blown by? Is it not scavenging the dreaded sludge from the galleries and prop?
  11. IMHO I would listen to the advice of the engine manufacturer, start by operating at 8 quarts and plot how long and how much blow by is occurring. The engine requires a minimum quantity to achieve its intended purpose. Oil does 2 things lubricate and provide a means of transferring heat.
  12. From the adisory circular ”1. DRIVE BELTS APPENDIX 1 PART SUBSTITUTIONS a. Alternator or Generator Belts. (1) For aircraft where the manufacturer no longer sells the original alternator or generator belt, you may use a belt made by the same belt manufacturer ifthe original part number is known. If the original part number is not known or the belt is no longer available, you may use a belt manufactured to a known specification such as SAE J636 and the belt properly fits the application. Pay special attention to fit of the belt to the pulley and proper tension of the belt. We highly recommend the use oftechnical information from similar aircraft” since the original manufacture part is still available there is no relief from this AC Always remember that I am just a pilot/mechanic . I try to give you the facts from the source materials but maybe I got it wrong, maybe I'm out of date. Sure, I warn you when I am giving you my personal techniques, but you should always follow your primary guidance (aircraft manuals, government regulations, etc.) before listening to me.
  13. You are correct this doesn’t look fun or easy! I can’t quite tell but are these actual nuts on the backside of the screws? I tried getting my arm in the inspection panel hole but no dice! Me thinks I need one of those skinny left handed long armed mechanics that are rare to find!
  14. Silly me I had the parts list the whole time! The electrical parts are listed in the back of Man 106 service manual
  15. I am in need of wiring diagrams for my 75M20 F I need to find the part number for the micro switch in the stall vane does anyone have?
  16. Version 1.0.0


    M20c,E,F,G Service and Maintenance p/n 106
  17. Try here, https://propellerpartsmarket.com/hc-c2yr-1bff7666a-2-propeller/
  18. There is an AC for substitution of certain parts that allows the use of a Green Strip Gates belt on lycomngs A Green Strip Gates only no other type of auto belt. Does anyone know what the author of the advisory circular is Lycoming? FAA? what is the alternate Gates belt part number that replaces the Lyc. 37A19773-376
  19. Guys, I really need the oil temp sender, how much do you want for it Gary?
  20. that's a funny looking Mooney you have there mister!
  21. Thanks to all, wiring diagram for parts who would have thought?
  22. My oil temp transducer is intermittent, my center stud turns I'm pretty sure it"s not supposed to do that. Damndest thing can't find anything in my engine IPC or my airframe ipc?!?!? A. what's the p/n? B. who's got one?
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