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  1. I would say this depends on how much money you want to spend. Personally. I think your AP would be fine, but if you're dying to upgrade, do it in a way you're happy with it. I personally have just installed dual G5s in prep for a gfc500. I personally dont care fo the gi275, though it IS a better unit. If i had a lot of money to play with, i would have gone G3 / g3x system. If you do a lot of IFR flying, upgrading to the flight stream may be more worth it than getting the 750xi. You could also forgot the gfc500 and get a avidyne dfc90 which runs off the aspen.
  2. I believe thats for the mini iphone, not ipad. Ill also be getting the new mini and probably a iphone 12 or 13 some time in October at this rate... the 4 to 6 should be a nice upgrade, as the 4 really does slow down a whole lot these days.
  3. Have you tried falcon insurance? They can usually get pretty good deals.
  4. I have a new fear I would never do a one and done. Its easier enough to set on the pattern, check in the base, confirm on final. On an approach is even 1min faf or gs intercept, 500 to go, and at mins. Im making sure that gear is down and locked.
  5. I am unfamiliar with this. Do you have a picture that shows what this is?
  6. Welp, all next week is rain in the forecast. Im one of the crazy who will take off into rain.
  7. So wait if I'm understanding this right, the 255A and 375 in my airplane should be able to talk to each other for frequencies?
  8. See these are all my issues with covers on the other airplanes ive flown. And the door seal is brand new. I just need to remember to not leave the storm window open... doh.
  9. Well I can see where this is trending. I think I should get a cover!
  10. Look man, im trying to win the lotto, i dont need more things to waste all the money on! This is actually how i got my E. Bought the engine and new panel, plane came with it.
  11. Looking for some opinions from other Mooneys. As it stand, my aircraft will be in a hanger or covered parking spot when at home, so no worry there, however i do like to travel from place to place and dont really want to leave my plane open to the sun anymore than i have too. It not so much the outside im worried about, but the inside. Sporty's sells custom heat shields for ~$260 and a canopy cover for ~$580. Obviously i know the canopy cover is going to provide better protection from the sun, as well as some leak protection if i have a weak seal and it starts to rain, but this will primarily be for when im away from home. Now im familiar with aircraft covers and how difficult they can be to put on solo, which is one of my thoughts for getting the heat shields instead, but id like to know others experiences and opinions.
  12. 91.205 gives a good list of all the things you need for IFR flight. Other than thats its the required inspections for IFR such as the pitot static test, transponder, etc. Dont forget your 30 day VOR checks if you still have one. As far as upgrading. 50AMUs as @carusoam said may be a bit steep. You could in theory get a 375/255a and 106B for fairly cheap aroudn 10AMUs or 10 grand. Itll probably be more than that. That said, sarasota has a IFR package set up for 16AMUs https://sarasotaavionics.com/ifr-package-1-5 Of course you can always get used stuff as well and depending on what you want, the price changes as well.
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