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  1. I am in the market for a low wing x/c plane and have been looking at mid 60's Mooney's for a while now. Is there anyone here that has flown or owned both Mooney and vintage Bonanza's and would share their pros and cons on either? I have a small family (myself and two young children at 9 and 6 years old). We are not tall giants either as I am 5'6". I have a friend that just purchased a 57 Bonanza and it was nice and roomy but finding one that has the O-470 conversion is difficult. I will be making several trips from the Seattle are to Bigfork, MT as my parents and other family members have moved there and driving 7+ hours to visit them sucks! I have been flying a two seater now for 6 years and enough is enough... Any advice would be great and thank you in advance for the input. Chris
  2. Thank you for the info on the panel question I had for you. Did you use your laser engraver for this side of the panel pictured here? I am getting ready to renovate my panel on my M20B and had a few questions for you. Also, going with the Dynon units as well. There shop is in my area (Woodinville, WA) and I am sold on the Skyview units. Who cut your panel? Thanks, Chris
  3. who did all your silkscreening?
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