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  1. I do like to stretch my legs out in the sports car fashion. The Lambo and Ferrari are out side on my tax bracket but I do fit in a MGB or My Mercedes SL. It sound like I can make it work as I don't mind bumping shoulder with my girl. LOL. My first airplane is looking like it will be a Mooney, hopefully it will not drain my bank account. 0-: I was a fan of the Aero Commander 112TC or the 114. I worked for the dealer when they came out, but the performance doesn't look that great compared to other aircraft. Friday night after work I will find out how well I fit. I wanted to fly up and take a look at it but at 107 degrees in the desert the two hour drive is the better choice. Thank you for your replies.
  2. I am looking at buying a Mooney, but have yet found one to sit in. I am 6'2" and 250 Lbs. Will I fit and be comfortable for a cross country flight?
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