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  1. Hey all, for some reason, I have an internal failure on my test function. Any good ideas for replacements/upgrades/repairs? Lasar? The unit was manufactured in 1986. The part number is 950 D 0303-000. I figure there has to be some options out there? Thanks to the forum!
  2. Update for those interested: reinstalled the vacuum system. Was going to just take this opportunity to swap them out for the electric SB's, but apparently (why?) they are a different size, and require some skin work, etc., to change. Not just an even swap. So, vacuum it is. Thanks all for the help and guidance!
  3. So grateful for all the responses. I am chewing this all over. To the above option: I am used to flying an Ovation, and am new to the Rocket, but from what I have seen so far, especially flying into very high density airports (needing to keep speed up on final 150-160+) between the fast let down as well, I feel like I would be fretting shock cooling constantly without the SB>> Is there a way to modify my flight techniques to not need it? Almost seems like a must on her!~
  4. Hey all, thanks for the thoughts on this. I still have the stby vacuum pump in there. The problem they said is that the holes where the vacuum "stuff" used to run are now all threaded through with wires from the panel upgrade. The only option they are saying is to go full electric $$$, or have to mount a vacuum gauge, and a vacuum switch as the stby pump can't just run continuously. If I am understanding correctly, that means having to turn on my pump every time I want to extend or retract. Ugh. Ugh. Not ideal, especially on a go-around, etc. Just a hole in the swiss cheese for error. If they are correct, I might just have to cough up the dough, but am a little hesitant on what the liability should be here. The shop def. screwed up (granted, I am one of the few remaining vacuum driven speed brakes left out there) but still... not only that, but my current SB were painted the custom color of my plane as well. That would be more time and $. Kind of a mess, not sure what is right for me to pay for. Additionally, I use my Rocket for work, and need it back ASAP, so time is also a consideration.
  5. Good idea Hopefully it’s an easy/quick fix to restore the vacuum. Thanks all!
  6. Great question. I went back and looked. Nothing on the work order, just the unit and labor costs for each avionic. Nothing about vacuum sys.
  7. Hey guys, Just finishing a complete panel overhaul. We were closing things up and could not figure out why the speed brakes weren't working. They removed my entire vacuum system, not knowing the speed brakes were vacuum driven. Ugh. Thoughts on this? Thanks!
  8. Thank you all for the tips! I will add them to the list! Mine does have the aux tanks. Have you guys had good luck getting to TBO/going past TBO? I'm at 930TT with 2 cylinders having 300 hours, and the other 4 getting replaced in 100 hours. That will essentially be a top overhaul with 1030 hours. Hoping to get a little extra out of her. We are 1400TBO, correct?
  9. Hello Mooniacs. Having sold my Ovation, I was in a state of immediate sellers regret, highlighted by sleepless nights and bouts of depression...I kid. Or do I? Thankfully it didn't last too long. I have always wanted a Rocket...heretofore named "The Red Stone Rocket" You guys from the 50's and 60's will get it :-) Blessed to have such a wonderful machine, and certainly loved my Ovation to bits, but now, I fear I must kindly request you keep your speed up on final. Rocket owners: would love to connect and pick your brain about this beast. She has 900 hours on the engine with 4 ECI cylinders that need to be replaced in 100 hours due to a mandatory AD. How shall I approach this from an engine usefulness prospective? Glad to be back in the Mooney family. It was so cold out there...
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