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  1. Lycoming IO-390 @ 210HP, making this a high-performance plane. However, the standard for this model is an IO-360, and the FAA registration says IO-360, so it's also possible that there's just a typo in the title of the post.
  2. @Dream to fly Awesome to hear. It's great that it all worked out and you get to enjoy the fruits of all your labor.
  3. Curious how things ended with the IA you had come out. Did you ever get her up in the air?
  4. I hear you guys and I do appreciate the advice. We checked the tailcone, no corrosion visible at all. Same thing with the other areas in the wing. This plane had two separate pre-buys, one of which ripped out all the interior panels, and the wing corrosion is all that was found so far. I am just trying to take a balanced view from everything I am hearing. Some A&P's say the corrosion in the picture is significant. Others say it's relatively minor and just treat it. My thought on the 208B was that if there were other corrosion, say on the spar or the frame, we would find it and I would walk away. I have heard from multiple people that a plane of this age will have some level of corrosion on it, but surface corrosion can just be treated. I guess if the 208B isn't any more assurance that the plane is safe, then I don't know what one can do besides pass on every plane that isn't perfect. That's kind of what I am hearing. I also don't know how much maintenance history matters. This plane has had annuals from MSCs, like Cole and LASAR. For most of the past decade the annuals were at Sarasota Avionics, also an MSC.
  5. Can you please expand on the saltine cracker comment? I'm not sure how bad you're saying it is. And there have been two 208B inspections done in the past, but the last one in 2007 so I want a new one.
  6. Next step: going to have a complete 208B inspection done and signed in the logbooks. We'll see what that turns up.
  7. El Paso, TX 2017 - Present Tallahassee, FL 2005 - 2017 Roseville, CA 2004 -2005 Nevada 2001 - 2004 I'm just now realizing it was in a coastal city for most of its recent life...
  8. Thanks for the feedback. Just to clarify, the inspector said the tanks were resealed, not the owner. He could tell visually. However, neither of us could find a logbook entry for the work. Have not sent my list of questions/repairs to the owner yet.
  9. Hey everyone. I just got the pre-buy info back on a 1981 M20K I'm under contract for. There are some items which are concerning to me and I'd like to get perspective from everyone's experience. 1. Corrosion - the mechanic found some minor (his words) corrosion inside the wing. I'm attaching a picture. As far as I understand it's not anything structural, just the underside of the top of the wing (photo was taken looking up into the inspection panel). Both wings looked similar, so I'm only including one photo. 1a. However, while the inspection did include looking for corrosion in the belly inspection panels, it did not include lifting the rear carpet to look at the top of the spar cap. I am unclear on if this should've been done, if if it's a very time consuming step. For what it's worth, the plane had an SB 208 tubular frame inspection in 2007, but that's probably too old to mean anything. 2. Tank reseal - The tanks have been resealed, but with no entry in the logs. The mechanic said the most recent annual inspector take responsibility for them being airworthy, but I don't really get a warm fuzzy feeling from that. Should I be suspicious of the reseal work, and if so, how suspicious? Thanks for the help!
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