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  1. I am looking at Ovation 2 GX's. I recently flew one for the first time. Loved it! Any suggestions for getting comfortable in the Ovation? I had a J but it had been a while. Been renting a Cirrus. It is quite different with a yoke and the low seating. Much of it is me. I'm 6' 1" around 180 lbs.. I have the standard lower back issues. It didn't hurt but my feet were tingling a bit. Once in Cruise it was OK as I could slide the seat back and bend my knees. I didn't bump into the yoke at all but it seemed close. I see the seat goes up and down. Someone recommended a personalized seat. I have
  2. Thank you for all of your notes. Crazy times. I appreciate the sage advice. Trying to be patient, thorough, and yet move when something is attractive. MooneySpace has already exceeded my expectations!
  3. Many thanks, I'll keep it short. Thanks for all your notes. I have visited Jimmy and GMax aircraft. I have several PPI spots and most of them travel for me to an aircraft if needed. Toto understands my question. All I needed was a name. Thanks very much! How do I contact Ken? Have a great week and appreciate your assistance.
  4. I am looking for an unbiased consultant to help with the search for an Ovation 2. I have a Mooney shop lined up for a pre-buy inspection, another group who will inspect logbooks and aircraft history, and a long-time Mooney CFI pilot to assist with flight training. I need someone separate from this group (not a broker or salesperson) who is knowledgeable about Mooney aircraft to help analyze the different airplanes as they come on the market. Any recommendations? Many thanks!
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