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  1. No sir it does not,would need a ferry permit.. trying to see if i can get it to PJ's in Avon Park if possible. If not second choice would be to have a great I&A come do the pre-buy and annual i presume if all goes well..
  2. Thank you for this recommendation @mike_elliott! I just spoke with Arnold Holmes,great guy! Although he just hung his mechanic business up and has decided to pursue his DAR responsibilities full time. If you know of anybody else that would be greatly appreciated
  3. Hello fellow Mooniacs! I pulled the trigger on a purchase agreement for a 1966 M20C located in Leeward Air Ranch near Ocala,FL. I am looking for recommendations on very sharp I&As to inspect this plane that has only 20 hours flown in the last 15 years. I know it's a long shot but I tend to have great luck and need confirmation there is no looming issues with her and she is one sharp bird! Most likely if all goes well,I would ask to complete the PPI and finish it as an annual. Any recommendations on specific points to be keen on are also welcome! I.e. s
  4. Thank you for confirming this.. I was a bit scared off right off the bat. A good point indeed! I know that the Instrument Rating will be super beneficial in terms of unlimiting the conditions of flight. I will look more closely for this. This is more around what I was calculating.. Yes, a good point to consider.. I am thinking I would rather wait a little just to make sure to get it all in shot, and not do the upgrades later that would end up proving to be more costly. But yes, a fine line to decide whether its worth waiting for the panel I would prefer or to get
  5. Yea... this makes me think more and reconsider my options, its great advice but now makes me rethink even more! hahaha I'm hoping to get a ride in a M20C this week for the first time and will bring my spouse to ride in the back seat and give me her opinion on space Yes, also a great point! Kinda get the excited and falling in love with the first girl kinda itis, should I am doing my best to be cautious and extra meticolous about the details. YES,THIS IS VERY SOUND ADVICE!!! These words resonate very well with me as I dont let somebody quickly enthuse me to the next leve
  6. This is a recurring theme I've seen from you, and it holds very wise experience! Yes, this sounds quite logical and thoughtful, was just wondering if anybody from MS would also try to upsell me to a J. The difference is, a mechanic recommended that, where the opinions here are mostly pilots with some that do both,pilot and turn wrenches. Sounds like a WAAS 430 is quite a beneficial factor,especially after having trained for my PPL with one installed as well. Fair enough, best way to minimize risk I see This is what I'm leaning towards, although found
  7. Yes fair enough, currently I am looking to steer clear if possible, even though its with a STEEP discount.. generally the consesous is to find best bird thats currently flying, better than a hangar queen i suppose..
  8. Ooo, monthly costs to maintain.. that's a great question.. been so busy thinking about monthly payments and insurance, haven't thought about monthly costs. So oil changes random bits,is that what constitutes monthly expenses? As for the 10k bill,isn't that what credit is for? Yea I've thought about it... not sure I want to give in and go that way, I got bit by the mooney bug and it's BITING HARD. Hahaha, I hear that, looking at KTMB and KHWO for tie down space, not as easy as it looks..
  9. I KNOW!! That's why I was all Gung ho on getting me a C, until that phone call and recommendation.. I've read that they're quite reliable and dependable and avoid all the hot start problems of the IO's Another vote for the C, woohoo!
  10. Hello there! Better to clarify up front. I have been 31 times around the sun. I am willing to do most of the general maintenance needed to maintain the aircraft flying, although I have maybe 2 years of GA experience and that was more than 10 years ago. I have general aviation tools(nothing specific, no cyl base wrenches) and no hangar to perform the maintenance. I still remember quite a bit from A&P school that knowledge should come back to me quite quickly after digging my head in a bit. And no, I do not currently have at the moment an IA to help sign 337's.
  11. Ok Mooniacs,hear me out! Originally I was hoping to get into a 65-67 C', for under 40k(which I know is hopeful considering most M20C's are between 40-70k)as a first mooney(and airplane in general) coming out of my PP certification. I found an extremely low time hangar queen(original engine) that hadn't been flown in 6 years for a STEEP discount.. and obviously was intrigued for the low cost of entry. After calling a respectable Mooney service center(Daytona), found out that to bring her back to life and completely airworthy(without any avionics upgrades) would be about 40-50 AMU. Tha
  12. In Ocala,FL Looking for an IA to do the pre-buy and if all goes well to sign it off as an annual as the plane hasn't had one in quite some time
  13. This I do agree with, no doubt. As long as the scope of the PPI is that thorough, which it should be,then there should be no problem making it into an annual,so be it your choice, if you choose to keep the plane.
  14. We all hope there far and few in between, but as @gsxrpilot also confirms it, it's not as uncommon as you might imply. The reason I bring it up in the first place is because an A&P mechanic friend of mine that actually works on GA aircraft and mooneys(my job is withe wide-bodies) advised me to go ahead with a pre-buy on an potential a/c I wanted to purchase. The 69 M20C Mooney was coming out of an annual and (with your same original logic @A64Pilot) I thought why do a pre-buy if it just came out of an annual right..? Well as many have advised here, an annual is just MINIMUM
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