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  1. Nothing to see yet :-) Looking at buying that M20M and trying to understand the finer details of maintenance and what to look extra hard at for the pre buy.. Promise to post some pictures later (if everything goes according to plan)
  2. What would be the expected consequences of: - oil change every 50 h instead of 25 - not changing oil/filter for 3-4 month, instead leaving it for a year
  3. Would also take a copy of the documents, if possible @LANCECASPER thx
  4. According to the info I got it was overhauled due to the 12-year-inspection (or maybe I missunderstood this). So maybe its just the 12 y inspection that was done 2 years ago and its not overhauld...
  5. Great, thanks a lot for that (have tried searching as well :-). One clarification: Does anyone know a good company in the EU that I could use for the pre buy inspection?
  6. Hi, Going to have a look at a 2004 M20M Bravo with approx. 1100hrs and G1000 non-waas in Switzerland. FIKI & long range fuel. Quite recent overhauled engine. - Any recommendations for a pre buy inspection? - Asking price is 250 kEUR. Fair of everything is in order? (Know about the non-upgradeable g1000 but I feel this is taken into account in the price.) Best regards
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