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  1. I guess one can have an issue in accessory box gears that can potentially take out two magnetos. All I wanted to know if they are prone to failure since they both have a single coupling and single shaft. From what I can see they are pretty dependable if serviced correctly.
  2. I did not see any information on their website. Are booth magnetos electronic?
  3. I do not have a Mooney yet. Just doing research before I get it. There are a couple of points that I have learned about the D magneto. 1. Magneto clamp. There were instances where the clamp got loose. Single housing, single timing for both mags. Shaft snd coupling a Single point of failure for both mags. Finally with two mags you can install one electronic. Which I hear can save some fuel. Again, I am not speaking from experience. This is just information that I found out from different sources. So real hand on information is appreciated.
  4. Do you know what the extra cost may be to change the accessory case and gears to install two magnetos at OH time?
  5. I am hearing that Bendix is talking about stoping the support for the dual mags. Can anyone elaborate on this? Regards, T.
  6. So I also looked at this airplane and I also spoke to the owner. The story looked sincere. So my thinking is: if the price is right and I can put money to a run down plane and end up with better avionics newer interior and exterior I am not opposed to the extra work time and spending more money. There are C models for $50-60K and they still have outdated avionics and instruments. Is this just a pipe dream that can end up as a money pit? Would’t a pre-buy uncover any potential pit falls? I am looking to get as much information as I can as I never owned an airplane before.
  7. I have been reading this forum for some time now but just registered today because I wanted to seek some wisdom on this exact airplane. I got my answer without ever asking the question. Thank you.
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