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  1. I tried. They didn't seem interested at all. Sadly, in this crazy market, I'm sure it will sell in no time.
  2. Yeah, that plane worries me a bit too much. Trying to find a cheap plane doesn't seem like a great idea. Thanks!
  3. That sounds bad! I think I'll skip this plane. Thanks for the info.
  4. Hi All. What do you think about this: https://www.controller.com/listing/for-sale/205425031/1966-mooney-m20e-piston-single-aircraft It had its engine rebuilt in 95, and in the past 21 years it has only put on 250 hours. It looks like it would go several years with only a couple of hours. I also see that over the last 2 annuals, cylinder 4's compression test results dropped from 73 to 65. It's an inexpensive E model, but I am worried about the engine. Thanks!
  5. Thanks Wayne. I don't have a lot of hours. I did get a quote for an M20C I nearly bought, and it wasn't too bad. $1800/year. I just had to get 10 hours dual in an M20C, and 20 total hours in an M20C before I could take up passengers. I like curtains in planes! The 60s were the heydays of GA, and I think that was mostly down to the curtains.
  6. I just wanted to say thanks to @Matt_AZ. We just did a flight over Lake Pleasant, from Deer Valley airport in his beautiful 77 M20C. His is in much nicer shape than anything I would likely end up with. I was very impressed by the Mooney. It was fast, and very responsive. There was a lot of feel through the controller services, but it was also smooth. I will now ramp up my efforts to get a Mooney
  7. The Super Viking also has 50% more cylinders to maintain and pay for. But they have the best 70s interiors with the most velour!
  8. Thanks for the info. Everyone here seems very friendly. The Super Viking forum is kinda dead.
  9. Later today or Wednesday afternoon sound great to me. Thanks! Please text me any time. (602) 687-3966.
  10. Just let me know when! Are you by the A taxiway, or off in the main tie down area?
  11. That would be great! I do love the C as well. I'm pretty flexible on my schedule, and can meet you at Glendale airport any time. I would be happy to split the fuel cost.
  12. Phoenix, AZ. Close to Deer Valley or Glendale. Mostly fly out of Chandler (KCHD)
  13. Hi All. I am seriously interested in buying a Mooney, preferably an M20E. If any AZ owners are up for it, I would love to go for a ride in one. This would be my first airplane. I mostly just need 2 seats but would occasionally want to take up 3 or 4 total. My main mission objective is cross country flights / traveling around the South West. I'm also considering a Bellanca Super Viking. It seems like you get a lot of plane for the money. I think the ownership cost would be considerably higher than the Mooney. I am looking to spend around $60k for the right plane. I have my PPL, but no experience in complex aircraft. Any advice or planes for sale would be very welcome. Thanks!
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