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  1. Thanks, you make a good point. At this moment I don't know how much it will cost to even repair the autopilot and if it is a lot, I might just skip it. If I decide to fix it, I can see what the cost of the coupling would be and make my decision. The IFD purchase is several months off, so I have time to weigh the options.
  2. I think I should mention that I have pretty much decided to install a single Avidyne IFD 540 in my 231 sometime in September, as our single on-field shop is backed up. I might also repair my KFC-200 autopilot using the skilled help of Bob Weber. I will certainly connect the 540 output to my HSI but I am not sure I will couple the unit to my autopilot. Coupled approaches seem scary to me - I don't want an old autopilot malfunctioning near the ground. Right now, my plane is sitting in the shop having mostly finished its annual, but waiting for a repaired exhaust pipe which was badly corrode
  3. Thanks, I will send him an email. I suspect that it will cost a fair bit, as the servos haven’t been activated in 25 years.
  4. Thanks for the kind words, Anthony. And thanks to the rest of the group - reading this forum has been inspiring. You have convinced me to keep flying my second of two Mooneys as long as I can pass the 3rd class Medical. They are a wonderful series of planes I have owned since my first Ranger, which I bought in 1985 and proceeded to quickly get my Instrument and Commercial ratings (the first of which is fairly necessary to do any serious flying here in the Seattle area). I will try to make a careful choice of navigator and its placement on my panel. After all, the electronics state o
  5. Thank you for the correction. I don't know where that web page came from about Garmin software installation - it might have been very old. I can certainly understand why they would want a dealer to do the software/firmware installation - an error in that area can have serious consequences.
  6. Well, there is more to this than meets the eye! I did a search for GTN software updates and found a Garmin page which described how to do it and they said: "Macintosh computers are not supported at this time". Maybe I should have looked further. I also noticed that Avidyne seems to require that a dealer do the upgrade - it has a page requiring that you sign a "consent form" taking responsibility for any damage to the IFD if the update goes wrong. I am 77 and am in very good heath at present (who knows how long that will last?) and was thinking of giving up aviation when I turned 80. (Or l
  7. By the way, I just discovered that Garmin does not allow software updates using a Mac. Since I have only Macs, this is another reason for not using their products. wn
  8. You make a very valid point. I will try to have the older stuff moved to the right if it is not too expensive. I figure at least 10 hours of instruction by someone proficient on the 540 before I am somewhat comfortable with it. I am not getting any younger and, while I will not avoid a flight because of ifr, I won’t fly in very challenging conditions (35 years ago, I sought out terrible conditions. That wasn’t very smart…). I need to accept that learning a completely new navigation paradigm will take time and I will probably never feel as comfortable in it as using the older one.
  9. Avidyne has an app called IFD100 which allows me to have the 540 screen on my iPad which is right in front of my eyes on the yoke. I would still probably use my KNS-80 for non-GPS approaches and the 540 for GPS. The 197 is being repaired and will be COMM 1. Again, I am not interested in a glass panel, just a decent GPS based nav system (and second COMM - the 170 works great but it is a little old). I am also used to hand flying the plane as the KFC 200 autopilot hasn't worked in 25 years and is very expensive to fix. I am very used to the steam gauges and have flown in just about every k
  10. Yes, I wouldn't want that kind of interface for GPS. A bit like some TVs using a remote. A KB is essential, in my opinion. wn
  11. Thanks, A. I am trying to keep the costs down, but I will see whether I can move the KY197/KNS80 to the right without adding a lot of cost for the upgrade. I once looked behind the panel and was amazed that anyone could do any work there! I actually like the KNS80 - it is extremely intuitive to use and I am used to it. Also, having a DME always active means I don't need to push a button to get a reading on the IFD. The accuracy in RNAV mode leaves a lot to be desired, though. I am amazed that it does a full RNAV using a very primitive Moto 6800 8-bit CPU for the number crunching (I looked
  12. I am leaning in the direction of an Avidyne IFD-540. I have attached a poor picture of my panel - I think a decent place for the unit is on the right side replacing the KR-85 (useless at present) and KX170 (the only comm radio which works right now). My shop is backed up and won't be able to get to it until Sept. sometime. The 550 doesn't have any features I want - I am not interested in inflight photos and have a very satisfactory AHRS on the Stratus 2i which comes with the ESGi package (which I installed after this photo was taken).
  13. Hi, I just had a KY197 fail: garbled transmit audio, receiver, mike, synthesizer fine. Probably a bad transistor in transmit audio. Does anyone have a KY197 in good condition for sale?

  14. Wow, I left for a few days and have lots of replies! Thanks, everyone, for your help on this quest. My situation right now is that I just became legal to fly, having taken my BFR with my favorite instructor, a lady approaching 90. My KY197 failed (as I mentioned) and I am looking for a replacement so I can at least fly legally (and take my IPC). The audio is garbled both in the sidetone and to the controllers, indicating a simple transistor or audio amplifier failure which I might be able to fix myself (there are very few people who can fix >40 year old radios). If I can't, there are
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