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  1. @Hank will do. Picking her back up out of oil change and Aspen 1000MFD add.. hopefully we can connect soon
  2. My Bravo is scheduled for a complete re-seal with Wet Wingologists in Fort Lauderdale in July. Have a left wing with a health leak, but since it will be in the shop, I personally think it would be a waste not to reseal everything on both sides. Will give you a PIREP when she is done Sorry for upside down pic.. hmm
  3. Awesome stuff . I am based at KALX Alexander City, yell sometime. We found a product from our shooting competition days for dogs from critter ears, might be something worth looking at. https://www.crittear.com/ David
  4. Late to the party, but just had my Bravo dynamically balanced, and it is now smooth through all normal RPM's - When I bought the plane it was not terrible, but I could tell it needed a little help.. I just think it is better on the main bearings and longevity of everything in the machine - imo Not an A&P , blah blah.. Seriously though, I think it was $300 for the balance, and worth every penny David
  5. @Junkman Would love to look at your Foreflight check list - was starting to make one , and it would be great to have a starting point!
  6. @PJClark If you don't mind sharing, order of magnatude, how much is a complete cabin refresh.?
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