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  1. Say hello to my little friend. Some heavy angle iron, pvc pipe stuff, some stuff laying around the garage and viola! Got that collar “pinned”. Had to tapcon the jack plate to the hangar floor
  2. I tried just using the weight of the wing etc. I used a floor jack to push up 1/4. Wow. Way too easy.
  3. Thanks. I’ll try try the full tank idea for the mains. I did use two ratchet straps a few years ago to replace the nose gear disks after disassembly. Easy enough, but weren’t new ones going back on. Tractor Supply has some turnbuckles big enough for the front gear. So thanks to the human that suggested that. No one will confuse me for a welder, but the bottle jack image comes to mind. I’ll let y’all know if this works. Thanks again.
  4. Good day, Before I rent tools for the puck replacement from out of state, I thought I’d ask if anyone in south Florida had any they would rent out to me. I’m at VeroBeach airport. Thanks
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