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  1. Where does one find Bob's suggestions on how to fly it?
  2. I am in the process of evaluating a O2 and O3 for purchase. Living in Florida I really want factory air and both have them. However, I've seemed to read somewhere that you can't use factory air on the ground, only in cruise. Finding it difficult to verify this. Anyone have good info on this, or was it corrected with AD?
  3. Actually that's not even slightly true. I've owned an SR20 and SR22, and a 1982 201J. They don't "emphasize" the chute, they talk about it as a safety item. Just like Mooney "emphasized" the roll cage. It's also not true that it's about turn on AP, blah blah blah. That's typical ignorant talk. I loved my Mooney, but the Cirrus is a different traveling machine and once you fly one, at night over the mountains, with a CHUTE you'll understand. I had to sell my 22 to my partner last year and looking for another AC, and a Mooney is in the picture, but so funny the Cirrus ignorance whe
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