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  1. Ahh, you got the one in SW Florida with the fresh overhaul, looked like a sweet example!
  2. Appreciated! I’m a CFII myself (so happy to trade a flight review or an IPC for a ride) with a lot of Beech time. Love Beech products, but now that the mission has changed to mountain crossings and the distances involved are greater... well, how cool does 200 KTAS in the flight levels sound!? Looks like there are only a couple decent Bravos on the market at the moment. Will be at S’n’F next week to poke around, hoping to get serious on one by the end of the month. Certainly open to recs on transition training when the time comes!
  3. Hello All, I'm a recent transplant to CO from the coast, and a present NA bonanza owner. Being near the mountains has me feeling the need for something turbo, and I'm not aware of anything sweeter than the Bravo for my mission. I've yet to see or ride in a Bravo in person, though have ~25 hours in the M20K. Hoping I can find an owner in the Denver area (I'm near BJC) who wants to show off their machine and talk Bravos in exchange for some gas money. Any takers?
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