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  1. Guys, Thanks a lot to you all trying to go more dip into problem, but believe me, you would help me more if you, who had expirience with alternator that I mentioned, share that information. Thanks again
  2. I had problem to start the engine (after 1min stby radio, it would not crank at all), and replace new battery gill 35 for concorde rg35-axc. Than , by chance,I got information from guy who did some interventions on my Mooney, that this alternator is working on its max(due to avionics upgrade), and he propose previous owner to change alternator to 70Amp. He explain that even I replace battery, false start could repeat. That is main reason for my alternator upgrade.
  3. Hello, I have recently got oportunity to become Mooney pilot (not owner, but guy who flies and take take care of M20J). English is not my native language so forgive my grammar. I am from Europe(Serbia). My Mooney has engine IO-360-A3B6D, with installed alternator HARTZELL ALY-8520 (60Amp). I would like to replace existing alternator with stronger one(70Amp) (new one if possible). I was researching which alternator would suit her best, and got several different solutions. ALX-85 ALX-9522 AL12-P70 Anyone has experienced alternators above? Thanks
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