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  1. Hello Florida Mooniacs, I recently bought my first airplane- an 87 J model. I'm Kissimmee based and was planning to go to PJ Jimenez for maintenance as he is close by and extremely well thought of. I Just called PJ to schedule my first annual and learned he has closed his shop to any new business and will only be supporting a few existing customers per month as of January first. So PJ is retiring! My J is due for annual in January and I'd like to get it scheduled somewhere. Can I get your thoughts on who would be a good choice to work with for maintenance? Any local shops with a reputation as stellar as PJ's? I'm looking for a long term relationship. Thank You
  2. Thank You for the referral. This will be my first airplane and I want to make sure it gets a thorough PPI.
  3. Does anyone know of a good A&P Mechanic with Mooney experience in the Connecticut area? I need a Pre-purchase inspection on a J model. Update: Thanks to all. I have the PPI scheduled!
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