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  1. I never said their requirement didn't make sense... I simply answered the question about transition training that @carusoam mentioned.
  2. Insurance is requiring 10 hours in the M20R but I have over 30 hours in an M20J. Hoping the pre-buy goes well on Wednesday! Just shuttled it to the inspection facility this morning.
  3. Thanks for the responses. We put a deposit on a 95 Ovation and we're having it inspected by a Mooney Authorized Service Center here in So Cal.
  4. Thanks @carusoam and @StevenL757. My previous 201 had major corrosion and that's why it's no longer airworthy. We will definitely be doing in intensive pre-buy inspection. I was hoping to know more about the long term gremlins or quirks that have popped up in the Ovations over time so we can be properly aware of them. I gather that the arm rests fail and that's an easy fix. Thankfully, this is a two-owner, hangared, all logbooks, no damage, regularly flown O. I'll be flying it next weekend after going to look at it last weekend.
  5. Hello, I flew a 1977 M20J for a couple years and now I'm interested in an Ovation less for the speed and more for the newer airframe and increased climb rate. There is one I've seen and will have inspected that does not have TKS or AC, which is fine with me because we're more interested in UL. This particular Ovation has about 2500 hours on the AF and a mid-time factory rebuilt 0-time IO-550G from 2013. We had issues with the fuel tanks in the 201 leaking constantly, but other than a fuel pump, nothing else. I became very familiar with the landing gear in the 201, so I know the donuts need rep
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