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  1. Unfortunately, I don't have Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
  2. The file of the aircraft fuselage (this is the default Beechcraft 58 Baron) is like this; using GIMP, we paint over it accordingly, then export and order it. The simulator renders the livery and places it onto the aircraft. The result? Viola!
  3. I got into livery painting; that is, painting aircraft liveries for flight simulator aircraft. If anyone here owns the Mooney M20R Ovation for X-Plane 11 (by Alabeo, costs $32), and would like to see their plane's livery painted on it, DM us and we'll be happy to create a custom design to your preference!
  4. Was going to post this over in the Aviation Jokes thread but figured it'd better be here
  5. When I'm browsing through threads, and come across another MSer's post, under their username and picture is the Location, Reg #, and Model (if they have input that info). The location appears as "LocationKSEA" - it would be nice if a fix could add a colon and a space following the "Location." Then it will appear as "Location: KSEA" instead, which looks correct. And for the Reg # and Model, after the colon, a space should be included so it goes from "Reg #:N123AB" to "Reg #: N123AB" and "Model:M20J" to "Model: M20J" This is just a suggestion that will make the forum look more orderly.
  6. Yes, I do hope Mooney can build up again.
  7. Indeed, Mooney has constantly been plagued by a history of financial problems. In Jan 2020, the company laid off all their employees and closed the doors. Mooney's future is still in question...
  8. After all, buying a plane is the cheapest part. After that, it gets very expensive!
  9. All general aviation planes have their ups and downs; some catch the eye more than others. The Cirrus is a high-performance plane and has some pretty nice advanced features (including those shiny Garmin avionics). However, the glass cockpit and ballistic chute can fool pilots into thinking it's a more capable and safer plane, when it isn't. And man are those things expensive! As aviatoreb mentioned, you could buy some very nice twins (like the Baron, DA42, etc) with the Cirrus price tag. I do still like the Cirrus for a handful of its features and capabilities, but I'd prefer a vintage plane w
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