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  1. Hello, how much are you asking for your prop? I have an M20C in Minnesota, and looking at my options. Thanks!
  2. Honestly just starting out so NO IDEA what I want... I can spend anything if it makes sense, but what I am looking for is based on the collective here what makes the most sense??? I might put in the coin for an overhaul and. B hub, but have people found that to make sense? How much is a new prop these Days? I found from 8 Years ago they were around 10K. AS far as a forever plane... I am still undecided. I like the cheap miles, but I am normal size, and the planes tight for my family...
  3. I am thinking of tossing the prop on my M20C due to the ECI AD. How much should I spend and what should I do? Anyone buy new recently? what are prices at for a new prop? Can I sell my old prop? If so what's it worth? Thanks all!
  4. the Avionics are ok. Has GPS and new ads-b and a few grand spent recently there. The autopilot may have a vacuum problem as it was working until recently (so they say).
  5. Great question, I am the guy who enjoys a project. I am thinking if I can get it for under 30K, and the mechanic doesn't find anything crazy, I might go for it.
  6. These replies have been great. The current owner has loved having the plane, but hasn't done anything to show that affection... ie, things are dirty and stinky with disaster potentially lurking at every bend, not unlike my lower intestine. I know the registration is expired, the annual is out but he's a confident guy who loves his plane and it seems to love him, so he flies it with reckless abandon. I am going to run it through the mechanic and see what it will take to get her back in annual and go from there. Sound smart?
  7. Hello, I am new to the forum and have been browsing a bit and this is an amazing resource. I have an opportunity to buy an M20C that has been flown every few weeks, but very low usage in the last 10 years. It hasn't been annualed in a few years. The logs are complete. The engine is around 2000 hours but seems to run well. It hasn't been loved, but has ADS-B and was IFR prior (needs recertification). It looks like it needs some love, what the HELL is it worth? I got the feeling the owner doesn't know what it's worth, but he's asking 50K. I see planes on the market with 50K a
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