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  1. Anyone in the Charlotte area have an Ovation that might be willing to give me quick ride? Be glad to pay for gas. Have had both shots! Unfortunately my main concern is how it will handle the density altitude in Wyoming. But, I think kmyfm20s has answered my question on that. Thanks for all the responses! This place is a wealth of knowledge. Bob
  2. Is the STC to get the Ovation to 310 HP still available?
  3. Steve - Thanks for the info. I was surprised at how low the min transition training requirement was on the quote. 3 hrs before Solo and 6 total before passengers. I had already planned on much more. kyfm30f - You hit the nail on the head for me! Do you think there will be much difference with the 280 HP? Lets open this can of worms! Can others chime in on this? The though of the extra maintenance and really only being able to take advantage of the turbo on one way of the my long trips got me to thinking. The O looked like a good compromise. At this time I am shopping for
  4. Hi All, New here and looking at my first Mooney purchase. Going to be based out of 46U, a 5000' runway at 5600' in western Wyoming. Mission is carry 2 people and one small dog (who loves to fly as much as I do.) Total 330lbs of Mammals + luggage. Biggest part of my mission is making about 6 trips a year to Charlotte, 1700 miles. Other 200 - 500 mile trips, sometimes with 3 to 4 people not very large people. My budget is about 175K give or take. I know a Bravo will fit my mission but I am wondering about an Ovation? Don't know if it can handle the density alti
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