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  1. This Plane is a Mooney M20J with a retractable landing gear. The plane is „heavy“ about 8 kg the engine is a Dualsky 4000.6 and have 5,5HP This engine is prepared for 10kg scale and 8kg acrobatic plane The calulated air Speed will be about 105 km/h you know about 56 kt br christian
  2. Jo, no ist is Not a fixes gear. mit is retractable and work well. br Christian
  3. Many thanks! I am happy and proud about this plane. Yes I will do the maiden flight with a safety pilot. I will try to do a Video for the Community. best regards Christian
  4. Dear Mooney Pilots l am finished with the 1:5 Mooney M20J model. In 2 or 3 weeks the maiden flight will be start. Thanks a lot for your help
  5. Hallo Guillaume, Thanks lot! Weich of the colors can go with ist? BR Christian
  6. No I have no more Access. I am looking for the Color due to I am Building a 1:5 scale model. I was flowen this plane From Tulsa Oklahoma to LINZ Austria Late 80's. thank you for help best regards Christian
  7. I am looking for the original Color Code of this mooney. thank you for any Information. Christian
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