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  1. Thank you of replises. Just for curiocity. How much is 100LL and mogas atm at us? Last time i were there, mogas was about 2.3$ per g Here in europe we pay for mogas about 1.8 $ / liter and 100LL almost 3$ / liter
  2. Yes i mean MOGAS. So turbo engines not been certified on mooney? have people tried mogas without certificate? If so Whats experiences?
  3. I have put my eyes on one M20K Rocket with TSIO-520. Anyone knows of there chances to for STC and if so what the direction to hunt. really not fan to burn double price 100LL
  4. 500-1000 nm trips. No really need to get high accept performance. could also e nice to burn regulat fuel instead of double price 100LL
  5. Thank you mate this would be my first bird. Have had 15 years on my bucket list to have pilot lisence so my IR would be next thing. Atm my mission is to get out bf in from village. “As far as possible as short time as possible” on my worries are how long runway it needs. We have abou 1700 ft . I m prepared tool take digger and make bit more. But what’s really needed specially in winter conditions.
  6. My Mission to get 500-1000 miles for coffee, dinner, weekend just run away from village. our village runway is a bit short about 1700 ft. It might be than i need to get digger and build few more feet
  7. Max 200k budget most like 150k max. 2 people with some bags are good enough. 4with tooth brush and credit card. To make 500-1000 miles at easy afternoon.
  8. Guys could you give me few tips what should really take on eye, when buying one. My main criteria for is to have get from place A to B a bit faster than regular cessna.
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