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  1. I have nothing to compare it to so I really can speak on the performance from my perspective compared to other mooneys. My instructor who owns an executive did make the remark "it's probably the strongest E model that he's flown" needless to say I was quite flattered and proud of the old E. I'll give the app a look, thanks.
  2. My mechanic is amazed at how strong the engine is, lowest compression this annual was 79/80 the others 80/80.
  3. I remember reading in my log book and seeing it noted in the 70s or 80s that the engine on my E model was converted from A1B6 to A3B6 through the re-indexing of the propeller. Interesting
  4. I'm at Skypark 15G in Ohio. I'm serial number 1055.
  5. Joined the Mooney community a little over a year ago, when I purchased N2767W a 1966 M20E. 67W had been sitting in a hangar for about 15 years with the engine pickled and the airframe corrosion fogged. The owner as of recent removed the airplane from storage and prepared to have the airplane annualled, before losing interest and deciding to sell the plane. I met the owner at a fly in at skypark (the airport I learned to fly at), while looking at another 66E on the ramp, where he told me that he was selling his E model that needed some work, such as the tanks resealed and a few other minor iss
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