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  1. I like your thinking. I'll see if I can get them both looked at.
  2. We’ve done the wobble test and supposedly it’s fine.
  3. Hello! I have an F model with the A1A. I’ve been having this issue on the ground shortly after startup. I have a JPI 900 and can see my EGTs rising fine initially, however sometimes the second cylinder dies. If I pull power back to about 800 RPM it tends to eventually run fine. The cylinder goes from around 1300-1400 EGT at startup (around 50 difference) down to 600. I’m usually at around 1,000 RPM when it happens. It shakes pretty severely. In addition to on the ground, I can’t lean to peak in flight (I run ROP). It will stumble similarly on the ground. We’ve swapped plugs with other cylinders, swapped injectors, compression tested (80/80), overhauled fuel spider, blown fuel line from spider out. Just looking for advice if anyone else has had this problem. I do have a video of the engine monitor when it does this if that helps.
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