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  1. Update: Using @Mooneymite’s suggestion we got into the belly pan and discovered the worn bushings. LASAR had them in stock; four required. Replaced them and returned to service. No idea how old the previous bushings were. The whole process took about 3 hrs from start to finish with most of the time being spent on removing and replacing the belly pan.
  2. Active glider pilot (600+ hrs), raced gliders, flown cross-country in them, and currently a Glider authorized DPE. If I were able to re-write the regulations, everyone would at least solo in a glider before getting into any powered trainer.
  3. @Mooneymite Thanks! First item I'll inspect once I drop the belly pan. DV8
  4. Thanks guys. electric flaps; movement is from slight hand pressure. I’ll take a look at the actuator
  5. Hello to everyone, I’ve got a new to me 1971 Chaparral (M20E) and noticed that on takeoff, while accelerating through 35-40 mph IAS, the flaps drift up a few degrees. Confirmed it by setting takeoff flaps in the downwind, landing with that setting, and they drifted down the same amount as up. There’s very little slack in the flaps at either full up or full down, but a small amount in between. Flaps move in unison with each other. No issues extending them or retracting them. I can’t find any tolerance limits of play in the service manual. Has anyone else experienced this? Attached video sh
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