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  1. My avionics shop confirms I have RG400. So we'll check that off the list. Will the AUDIO setup settings impact reception? The options are Active Com (volume level and squelch on/off), Standby Com (volume level and squelch on/off), Sidetone (volume level), Active VLOC (volume level and Id On/Off), and Aural Alert (volume level).
  2. Good point! Something else to investigate. https://www.wiremasters.net/about-us/blog/new-ads-b-systems-bring-coaxial-demands-rg58-vs-rg400
  3. Thank you! I will continue my troubleshooting. Primary symptom is poor distance reception though at times even close-up reception (like talking to ground) is poor; also picking up some interference from the flashing strobe.
  4. @chriscalandro I hope you will continue to post updates as I had an IFD440 / GNS 430W replacement surgery recently and am experiencing degraded comm. Thanks for the PIREPs!
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