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  1. Thanks, I will definitely pick up his video. Saw it mentioned a few times in previous threads and have it down in my notes. @donkaye, just going off what foreflight and bad napkin math told me. KBUR -> KLOM is 2150nm, 230 knot cruise at FL250 LOP + 50 knot tailwind is 280knot GS at ~21gph. 2150nm / 280knots = 7hrs 40mins. Need extra time for the climb/SID and IA and STAR, though. Real world is always different with ATC delays, different winds, fuel stop, etc, I just think the napkin math is cool. Foreflight tells a similar (theoretical) story, but that's based off its baked i
  2. Thanks for the tips on the Rockets, all. My preference is towards the long body Mooneys, but I haven't sat in one yet, so I don't want to completely take a Rocket off my list for something like that. Will definitely keep on the lookout for one and give it a look if one comes up. Also adding a pre-Ultra Acclaim to my list just in case I can make the finances work, since they really do seem like an amazing plane, albeit 2x+ what a Bravo costs. <8hrs from LA to Philadelphia with a single fuel stop and a nice tailwind is pretty crazy. I'll keep everyone posted on how I make out over t
  3. Great info about the 10 hours, didn't realize that. Waiting until I get a plane would be the way to go, then, if it doesn't impact insurance. Asked for a quote through AOPA just to get a quick number, but will definitely keep you in mind when the time comes for a real quote (I assume you're affiliated with airspeedinsurance)
  4. All, thanks for all the great feedback and responses. I have a request in for an insurance quote, assuming my current total hours and 10 additional hours in a Mooney with a CFI before purchasing. I'm planning on another 10-15 hrs in a Bravo once I purchase, but I'm hoping an initial 10 in make will help out with the first year's quote. I also have an email out to Henry Weber Aircraft in Lancaster PA (Right next to me), as I hear that shop is well-regarded in the Mooney space. Hoping to start building relationships before buying. @Parker_Woodruff, no plan for a twin turbine down the
  5. I better pick one up quick before they're all gone! This is the only one I see out there today that deserves more than a first glance for my mission. https://www.controller.com/listing/for-sale/193966351/1993-mooney-m20m-bravo-piston-single-aircraft $220k but appears to have everything I'm looking for except for extended tanks. Planning on fully embracing the need for proper transition training. Finding a good Mooney CFI in my area is high on my To-Do, and getting some time in a Mooney over the next few months would be great, along with finding a long body to look at in person
  6. Cool, thanks for the feedback. I wasn't sure how much variety the Bravo market usually has since I only just started looking, so that's helpful. Just sent Richard an email.
  7. Awesome, thanks, just sent them an email to get on the list.
  8. Hey everyone! 230hr TT instrument-rated pilot here - 140hrs in a 172, 80hrs in a DA40, the rest in a 210, PA28, and a PA22. All of the planes I have flown have been rental, club, or friend planes. I started flight training 3 years ago so that I could earn my license to take fun trips with my Fiancé & friends that would otherwise not be possible/easy with just a car. About 65% of my time has been training/currency-focused, and the other 35% has been longer fun cross-country trips. I'm based out of central Pennsylvania and have flown to Nashville TN, Charleston SC, Asheville NC, Cody WY
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