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  1. Jeph357, This is a sweet model plus it's an awesome gift. I really like the color scheme. Thanks for sharing.
  2. You-Rock and you're an inspiration! Thanks for sharing and yes, I'll use these settings while practicing on my sim. -R-
  3. Wow! What an interesting history. Thanks for sharing and especially, providing the various resources. I had no idea that there were so many hobbyist who are also owner/operators of a full scale Mooney. I have an M20 flight checklist card which I use it to practice flight procedures on the Ovation when flying via X-Plane 11 flight sim. I also enjoy reading the airworthiness alerts on the aircraft to help learn more about the improvements or checklist items reviewed during the Annual. I'm curious to know about landing a full scale M20: For instance, on my flight sim, when I'm on final approach, I typically manage my glide slope with throttle and stab trim. But I got the idea to really practice this procedure from a CFI who, while out with a student, the student loss elevator control on a Piper Cherokee 180 due to the cable breaking. The CFI had to use the elevator trim tab and throttle to land the plane. Since learning that story, I practice doing similar approaches and prior to the round-out, I ease back on the yoke to flare. I know that pilots typically trim for landing approaches, but do M20 pilots rely quite a bit on the use of that magnificently-designed Mooney stab, more so than other planes? I'll keep you posted on my research of those FAA prints. Cheers, -R-
  4. LOL Carusoam! Thanks for your commentary. Perhaps on my next build (larger), I'll go for the jack-screw assembly on the tail section for trim. It was very tempting to try that. The aircraft at 1:40 min, is actually a commercial airliner taking off from SAN. The prop is an APC injection molded product. Once I find the sweet spot on the radius and pitch, I might switch over to a woodend prop. I'm so fascinated with the Mooney, that I joined this forum to learn more about them. I took a ground school class last summer to learn more about obtaining a PPL. That course has really helped me understand these models I fly and general aviation as a whole. Thanks again for checking out the vid and have a great week ahead! MV35
  5. This isn't the best quality video but I'm please to be able to share my second flight on this partial scratch-build RC Mooney.
  6. Thanks Carusoam & Rocket! Although my build has slowed to a crawl I'll do my best to keep this forum populated. My passion for Mooney's began last summer while visiting a local airport where an old Mooney is displayed out front of the main building. Legend has it, that it was "Acquired" from a hanger left unattended. The story seems to change depending on who you ask. Anyway, my initial thought was similar to many others; how could someone reverse the empennage on an aircraft and it actually flies?!? This was also during a time when my passion was running pretty high for the Beechcraft V35. But the Mooney has taken front & center. There have been many GA RC models manufactured, repeatedly, and in various sizes such as the Cessna 182. But it doesn't appear that the Mooney took hold, which is too sad. I periodically check various forums for RC builds for the Mooney and particularly, Mooney's for sale, and they're pretty sparse. However, I recently stumbled upon Christian's maiden flight N205ME plus his build of that aircraft. He did a great job building it and it was cool watching him maiden it. More later...
  7. RocketA, Curious to know if you completed your Mooney scale build? I'm currently doing a partial scratch build to create a M20 Ovation. WS 60"; AUW approx 8.5lbs. Still much work to be done. Hope to complete and maiden before end of summer (if time allows). Thanks, MoonsterV35
  8. Christian, Congratulations towards your maiden flight; N205ME. It's a beautiful aircraft. Rod
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