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  1. hi everyone I found this IATA website is quite useful and I can highly recommend it to everyone. you can find all the information you need (health restrictions, visas, vaccine situation etc.) here you are: https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/
  2. I definitely will, they are great
  3. hi again hope everyone is doing great. we fixed the issue with the gear doors, thanks again for all your help. it is still not 100% matched as I wanted but definitely better than used to be, so thanks again for all your help. (also saved appx 2000 dollars) according to my mechanics, the problem is washers with heim joint. they adjusted it again and here we are. I attached the video below (to compare you can see the previous video above) thanks again for all your help, really appreciated. tc-azk gear doors.mp4 sekomel
  4. thank you all, we will start work on it next week and I ll update you. thank you again.
  5. hi everyone hope you are all OK. while my technician have been doing annual check of my mooney, I just realized my nose gear doors somehow are not fully closed or are not matched 100%. Please see video below: as far as I know from the airplane logs, in 2003 the airplane has landed with gear-collapse and after correct maintenance action and exchanged-parts, it flew till now without any issue. should I buy new pair of nose gear doors or is there any maintenance action that can be address this problem? here are some links for selling the doors (very expensive though)
  6. thank you all again. I will work on it from now on and I will share the results with you all.
  7. @ArtVandelay thanks so much, I will contact with them.. @Rusty Pilot well, I do not know yet, these data based on what I found on internet actually :/ I just flew 5 hours with my plane and the oil was almost same level so far..I think I will need to fly more and long distance to analyse oil usage of my airplane..
  8. firstly, thanks so much for the all replies, appreciated for your all help. and sorry for the late reply as I was in china last couple days and the internet is a huge problem there, for me at least. here are some updates from my side: - my technician did the compression test last week, the results are, 79/78/72/76 for the all four cylinders. - we also planned to do the oil analysis for the next week. (as my oil and oil filter just changed recently my technician here advised me fly at least 5-10 hours to get realistic results) also there is only a one company (name is EmAir)
  9. hi everyone hope this message finds you very well.. I recently bought a mooney m20j mse, 1993..she is very clean and good condition, no issues so far when I fly with her from any perspective..engine condition is good, I just did the compression ratio check and figures were well above the limit..I am so happy with her current condition..(I know lycoming advise engine is at 1.050 hours - very low..but my main concern is the engine never overhauled since 1994.. engine is lycoming IO-360-A1B6. people around me (especially my technician) does not advise to rebuild or overh
  10. hi everyone! thanks soo much for all the support! we've not been waiting for that surprise, thanks so much again and again! (especially to you @carusoam such a nice person you are! here is a bit of our (sekomel) story: we'r both first officers at turkish airlines currently, I fly (seko) b777 while my wife (mel) flies b37. we'r both graduated from turkish airlines aviation academy - I did my trainee in ireland and she did it in turkey- and we've met in university (knowing each other since 2007) aviation is one of our big passion in our lives so we've been trying hard to buy
  11. I can imagine (covid-19) :/ exactly, reg issue is the another issue..my airplane is tc reg (you are correct) it is tc-azk, m20j, ‘93.. do u have any contacts from westflug? @terbang is not available till end of march and we (my wife and I) are both first officers at turkish airlines and we have only one annual leave which first week of march so.. thanks for the all helps, indeed..
  12. sorry my mistake no, I can’t do that as I don’t feel ready to fly.. I mean we can get either Ibra’s or your base by commercial plane to get the training.. ps: (in this case, we wll need a mooney as well) I’ve checked ibra’s place has two mooneys there..but don’t know yours.. ..unless if you want to come istanbul (expenses on me of course) and do the training here with our plane..
  13. hello ibra thanks a lot for the help. well, we are currently live in Istanbul, but we can make it there to get the training, no problems.
  14. hi terbang, thanks for the help! we can come there and do the trainings actually, can u send me an email so we can move on for the details, please? it is zalaltuntasserkan@gmail.com
  15. hello tmo thanks for help, yes you are correct (my mistake actually not explained that clearly before) we just bought m20j mooney, ‘93 and need to type transition training.. so overall we just need a FI..
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