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  1. From the listing: 13,500 feet above sea level, 174 knots (200 MPH) GS burning 7.4 GPH!!! They selling me a bridge too?
  2. Hey there. Thanks for the offer. Since you know the panel, know the plane, and know the area, that’s probably good enough. I’ll ping you when I know the actual pickup date to see if you’re available. Are you IR?
  3. My plane is nearing completion of a panel upgrade (in Greeley) in the next few weeks. When the work is done, I’ll need to do a post maintenance flight to fully exercise all the features of the new setup, so I can get any squawks fixed before I bring it home. I’d like to not do this entirely by myself. The upgrade is a G3X, GTN750, & GFC500. Strictly speaking, I don’t need a CFII, but prefer one since I am not yet instrument rated. I’m not looking to make this instruction, really just make sure everything works as expected before I head back home. I’m figuring this will take a few hours in one day to put everything through it’s paces (but that’s just a guess), and of course will only happen in VMC. I don’t have an exact date, but this would preferably be on a Friday or Saturday no sooner than 8/13. If anyone is, or knows such a person, that can get to Greeley on a Friday or Saturday in the coming weeks, can you let me know. Thanks.
  4. I have a J. I did a fuel stop at RKS (Rock Springs, WY) recently, and on departure, it was about 10,000 DA that day. I can’t remember exactly off hand, but we were probably ~100-125 lb under max gross. Climb out was anemic, and getting to our cruise alt of 13500 took a while, but it’s a huge runway and a big, wide-open space. We flew straight out to the easy, and didn’t need to box climb. It was fully uneventful. I didn’t do the calculations, nor fly at max gross though, so no idea off hand how much worse it would have been. Cheers.
  5. I don't mind curiosity so much, but I do find the for-profit Monday morning quarterbacking fairly obnoxious (eg blancolirio, Dan Gryder, etc.). 25ish years ago I had a family member who as PIC in a fatal crash. This was before the internet was big, and long before I was a pilot. People still speculated, but of course it's reach was smaller. In this case, it was cavalcade of bad pilot judgment (and some rule violations that nobody would ever argue are ok). Interestingly, it was the facts themselves that the family found wildly offensive. They immediately went to work crafting a favorable fictional narrative in which the pilot had no culpability. The uninformed speculation was welcome; it gave the family room to make up their own versions of what happened (and there are multiple versions of this fiction). When you point out the NTSB report that shows like... all the DON'Ts, they refuse to even acknowledge its existence and just say "No, that's not true, the FAA told us that it was <random bullshit story du jour>." What does it all mean? I don't know. I'm sure there lots of times when the family accepts reality, and piling unfounded judgment on the dead pilot is un-necessary and unwelcome, but I figured I'd share a personal situation where it was the opposite. My time to shine I guess.
  6. I was trained that way too, but I wonder what the conventional wisdom on that is. Are the o-rings more prone to fail from using them than not? My mooney actually did develop a leak at parking brake soon after I bought it. The overhaul was pretty easy though.
  7. Oceano is probably the shortest field I've been to, and agree with others that there was plenty of room. By contrast, I recently flew into Garberville, CA (O16). Despite being about 500' longer (2783), and not much above sea level, it felt way smaller because of rising terrain all around. Oceano is in a big, wide open space. Garberville felt like it was inside of a bowl.
  8. Thanks for the help everyone! Measure the screws and washers and got a replacement (and a few spares) ordered.
  9. @kortopates, on mine, the 4 screws behind the spinner are the same style as the one pictured, but a few mm shorter. The parts manual shows all 6 screws at the front of the cowl being the button head type (AN526-1032R10). Or maybe I’m reading it wrong. It’s at the hangar, so I can’t double check right now. I’ll post a pic of the page later today.
  10. Hi all, I recently lost a cowl screw. When looking it up in the parts manual, it shows this screw as a AN526-1032R10. However when I look that item up at Spruce, the screw looks different than the one I removed (see pic). The one I removed has a washer and a countersunk screw head, whereas the one in the manual is a flat, button head screw. Am I reading the manual wrong, or is it likely a previous owner or shop replaced these with a different kind of screw? Any help is appreciated. :-) Plane is an 87 M20J, 201 LM
  11. Bought last year. I think we used 3% as the deposit amount rounded to nearest thousand. It was 3k or 4k, can't remember exactly. It wasn't much of a discussion. Seller suggested that amount, and it seemed reasonable to me, so we didn't discuss the amount any further. We did spend a bunch of time talking about what circumstances would make the deposit refundable and what would not. That's pretty important.
  12. +1, but what’s not obvious to a noob is how connected the aviation community is, and how you can leverage the help that people in the community are often very willing to provide. Between people here, people at respected MSCs, and people in my local club and EAA chapter, it felt like the connections were nationwide, and there was a multiplier effect. Once my search started getting serious, people helped connect me to IAs, insurance providers, CFIs, and even off market aircraft whose owners were contemplating selling. The one I bought was about 200 miles away, and all things considered, that felt like it was in my backyard.
  13. Yeah, I get all that. I guess I’m just curious what people would call short (and I know loading and DA are big variables). I’ve only had my J for 8 months, so I’m still very much learning. Runway at my home field is 2700’ (at essentially sea level), but almost everywhere I’ve been the runways are longer. I know there are lots of variables, and maybe “put a number to short” was a bit of a dumb question. Mostly was just curious what feels short to people.
  14. Out of curiosity, what’s your definition of a “true” short field? And would you change that definition for a long body?
  15. I’m considering doing the west coast one in April in Santa Maria. I might have my IR by then, but my plane will not be IFR at the time. What happens if weather is IMC in Santa Maria that weekend?
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