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  1. I believe sub leasing is ok but a/p authority takes 10% of it. Ground lease is $110.50/month. Electric and water are free. Hangar faces North so not getting sun directly.
  2. This is not my hangar but same as. I don’t have dimensions but my Ovation was in it with 5-6 feet at least off each wing and 4’ in front with 10-12’ behind.
  3. Congrats to Frank W for his purchase today. Picked up in MT headed for DFW.
  4. North T hangar will be available mid to late November. Original roller doors, upgraded electrical. Original floor. $90,000 firm
  5. Try Kerry McIntry in Evanston WY. Best you will wish for
  6. Been in Ovation for almost 4 years. Fly mostly in Montana and Idaho. Performs well and can easily do the mountains if you need that. Never flow with turbo so can’t comment.
  7. Payment from cctsurf received. Thank you
  8. Make me a reasonable offer. I would ship via USPS priority box
  9. Fair. I’ve been following the site since I bought my ovation in 2017 Just havd stuff to get rid of. Figure someone may need items If not thats ok.
  10. Use Engine mounts io540 and perhaps others Have about 4-500 hours on them
  11. These are for an ovation. I see they are $380 new. Make me an offer. Not sure what shipping is. They are light but large.
  12. Have items from avionics upgrade and other misc hangar items. Let me know if you need something. Many items (shades, bulbs, fuel pump) are new.
  13. Light on but gauge shows vacuum operating in the green. Adding the standby vacuum and the light goes out. Been told there is probably a small leak at the back of the AI. Anyone else have similar. 1998 Ovation.
  14. I have a 1998 Ovation with A/C not FIKI for sale  I am asking $225,000  if you are interested.

    Sale info.pdf

    1. MATTS875


      Thank you. Very nice just out of my price range. 

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