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  1. Well, we don't know how but it looks like something nicked a pulley causing it to cut the belt and it busted. It could have happened on run up or the initial roll out. Pulley and some other stuff that the belt ended up hitting had to be fixed/replaced. Ran the breakin 2.5 yesterday per lycoming and another 2.3 today. And running smooth and cool. I'm not comfortable running LOP so I'm not going to try. Not to say it cant be done, just not for me.
  2. If you go with the boat look into the Great Loop. Thats a bucket list item for me... after I do something similar in the plane.
  3. Not sure. We'll diagnose when new one comes in and double check everything. Not happy about pulling the prop though.
  4. Engine ran smooth and cool... but the alternator belt snapping midflight cut the break-in flight a bit short...
  5. I have one available. I was going to have it overhauled but decided to go with new 4 blade.
  6. Fair enough... but i just spent 7 months on an overhaul with everyone in the build pointing to LOP... I am cuious though, can you tell me what setting you fly at? Speed, Fuel flow, etc...
  7. I hear you... I reviewed the lean limits specifically for the AF1B in the Lycoming manual. It would be an easier chart to follow if it was in a table format of course but I have my cheat sheet ready. I know some people like LOP but I have no reason to run it that way.
  8. Good points and my AP, CFII and I are all on the same page with everything. A preflight meeting to go over all the Lycoming breakin procedures, expectations, etc... I'd go up with both if it weren't for the useful load. In the end, most important to me is in the event something goes wrong, who is best equipped to help get us back safely... The AP and CFII have also done this many times and speak each others language.
  9. @affricate curious how long the overhaul took? Did you go with new cylinders or nickel?
  10. We did some final adjustments today for the governor. The 4 blade seemed to require a little finesse to dial it in. Still got to clean up a few things from the annual ( check the gear and put the interior back in) but going for the break in run on Tuesday with a CFII. Great having an extra set of eyes up there...
  11. Yes, but to be honest I didnt ask what that was.
  12. Thanks Don. This is very helpful
  13. Fired up yesterday. All good except we had 200rpm drop on both mags. 10rpm difference though. Seems strange. Going to recheck after addressing a few things but does anyone know have insight to this? brand new mags... im thinking the different prop or too rich... af course I'll let the boys in the shop dig into it but I always like to educate myself...
  14. For anyone interested, I have the original prop available. I would be in need of overhaul though.
  15. So close... should be up this weekend finally
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