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  1. Hello Django, thank you for your interest in the Mooney M22. I have sent you a message on your account.
  2. Hello, I do not have a photo of the fifth seat but is a small seat more for a children than an adult. I most of the time keep it removed to store luggages. Please find a photo with the passenger door open. It opens by folding it up.
  3. I am looking for a new home for my Mooney M22. Aircraft based in Australia but fitted with necessary fuel line to add ferry tank. Excellent condition. Always been hangared. 150 hr since complete overhaul of the TIO 541 A1A engine. 1600 hr TT. Two Nav/Comm. King 525a system with HSI and slaved compass. JPI EDM 900 engine monitoring system installed as primary. Garmin 330 GTX ES transponder. Please contact me if interested.
  4. Grand Merci.... vous ├¬tes aussi propri├ętaire d'un Mooney .... au Canada ?
  5. When I go up it is between 15,000 and 18,000 ft. Cabin noise is acceptable not more noisy than any other similar single engine aircraft.
  6. Engine was overhauled by Devine Airport Group. Pressurisation system working ok. System is quite simple with the turbo feeding the cabin. Regulation through two outflow valves through the rear bulkhead. Valves have been overhauled and recalibrated by the manufacture in the US. Max differential pressure is 4.2 PSI with a cabin altitude of 8,000 ft at 24,000 ft (max ceiling).
  7. Hello to all of you....... A few more words on the M22. Aircraft was repainted from bare metal in a small paint shop close to London in 1992. The M22 has always been hangared and the paint still looks very nice. Polished every year for the last 20 years !! Engine overhauled in the US. Project completed in 2016. Long project but fully documented. Engine has now around 150 hrs since overhaul and runs like a dream. I tried to keep the aircraft as original as possible. Installed a EDM 900 as primary to avoid to be grounded in any problems with the old gauges.
  8. another photo when I went flying north of Western Australia last month.
  9. Hello, I wrote about some interest for a Mooney M22. I am the owner of the M22 in Australia. Aircraft was originally registered in the US as N7719M. My father flew the aircraft to Belgium in 1974 and I flew the aircraft to Australia in 2000. I have registered the aircraft in Australia since 2003. (VH-YVE) If interested in the aircraft please let me know Regards, Yves
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