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  1. I am also having a heading error with my Aspen PFD 1000. It seems to be an infrequent issue and I am wondering if this is a calibration issue or something else. Most of the time the Aspen provides an accurate heading. However, yesterday flying from KMSL to KHSV on a 90 degree heading, I discovered I had a heading error of about 20 degrees. I reset the PFD and it seemed to resolve the issue. This is the second time I have observed the issue in 38 hours of flight time.
  2. I have speed brakes on my M20K. Great for coming down without radical reduction in power. Unexpected benefit is really smooth landings.
  3. The Cat is in the bag! I purchased N57055, previously based in Prescott Arizona. What an awesome airplane. I struggled to find a CFI that any insurance company would approve. I was required to get 3 hours of instruction and the CFI was Boris Vasilev. I cant say enough good about Boris. He was concise and put me through the drills. I have flown the Mooney M20C and M20J, but it has been ten years. Also, I just started flying again after a nine year lapse. This year I have about 60 hours in Cessna 182R and C172N and 5 hours in Piper Arrow PA28-200. Anyway, Boris introduced me to flying
  4. Incredibly helpful feedback. I fly via AA to Prescott Sunday. The stars are beginning to align. Assuming all goes well, I will be flying the Mooney from Prescott to Huntsville AL towards the end of next week, …
  5. How many hours should an M20K Turbocharger last before overhaul or replacement? I am planning to purchase an M20K, which has a Merlin Wastegate and TurboPlus Intercooler. The aircraft currently has an overhauled turbocharger with 532 hours on it since it was installed. Any insight will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. Thanks everyone for your input. I will let you all know what happens.
  7. Call Rene, He meets your requirements. He is based at mesa AZ, although he mostly hangs out in Tucson. He may be able to help you.


  8. Can anyone help me find a CFI with time in the M20K? I am looking for a CFI for flight training in N57055, an M20K I have made a deposit to buy that is currently based in Prescott AZ. My best insurance quote requires me to get 2 hours instruction from a CFI with 50hours recent MK20 time. Another requires me to get 3 hours training from a CFI with 10 hours recent MK20 time. Does anyone know of a qualified M20K CFI in the Prescott or Phoenix area that may be available sometime during 20-31 January 2021? My earliest closing date is 19 January. Additionally, if possible, I would like to do a
  9. Thanks for the warning about the connectors. And thanks to everyone for responding. I agree it is serious business. I look forward to being part of the community.
  10. I am a little overwhelmed with your thoughtful responses. I will let you all know what I do. I am looking forward to this airplane adventure. Even if this Mooney purchase doesn’t work out I will persist. It looks good though. It is a 1983 with midtime engine, the wastegate upgrade, intercooler and nice avionics. I go out to see the plane 16 Jan, do a test flight to 17k, prebuy and then close if all goes well. Then the challenge is finding a hangar.
  11. Hi, I am trying to find a source of masks and canulas for an oxigen system built into a Mooney M20K. Does anyone know a source for purchase? I am getting close to purchasing the M20K, and I want to be ready. Thanks, Sid
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