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  1. This is what im thinking of doing. Tailbeaconx combo with an av30c to control the tailbeaconx, and it will be a primary EFIS Another av30c as a primary DG Trutrak auto pilot (bendixking-honeywell) and it will be controlled by my new DG Wifi link that connects my ipad and sentry to the DG and puts a traffic overlay on it, and maybe weather All in for $11,000 roughly plus labor Unless the autopilot is more than $5000. thats what it is for all the aircraft now. That is a good deal. The av30c does a lot for $1900.00 the tailbeaconx gets rid of my old n
  2. We had a conversation today on line. I asked the rep from dynon, if i bought a mooney in the u.s and brought it to canada, is it legal. His exact words were, dynon hdx is only legal in certified planes with an n. Number. They are not certified for anything else. They have been working with the canadians to get the certification. No definite timeline yet
  3. Your not going to believe this: Dynon got back to me and the hdx can not be installed in a certified plane in canada
  4. I watch him on utube. He is very good. Im not going as far as he did. If i was his age i certainly would
  5. boy thats disappointing. they say faster cruise at the same rpm. they say much quieter. though through my bose headsets I dont know if i would hear the difference. but for 10,300 it is better looking.
  6. i am getting a new scimitar top prop put on my G anyone see any improvements. Also how come we dont here much about sabre cowlings anymore
  7. Has anyone installed the basic Dynon Skyview. I have a m20g (nice, stable plane) i fly 160 to 165 mph all day. Thats fast enough for me. (for those of you that say dont put your money in a G) For $20,000 in parts you get 1 10" and 1 7" screen com radio, navigation map, weather, traffic, adsb in and out. engine monitoring. fuel management. I was looking to get the uavionix tailbeaconx with an av30-c. Thats $5000.00 plus install, solves my diversity issue. Plus i have to add another ac30c for directional gyro (1900.00) to get rid of my pump. Plus install. So I am guessing $10,000 in
  8. I realize I am behind on this topic, But I have a G and it is a great plane. The slowest of all the mooneys. O-360 in it. The most reliable engine ever built so they say. You can get a mooney m20G pretty cheap if you can find one. I bought mine for $26600.00 U.S dollars. That leaves me with a lot of money to get it where I want it. I put a new starter in it, battery, voltage regulator, plugs, j model side windows and the rest of the windows. I took the interior apart, painted it, painted the leather on the seats. Bought jacks for it. changed the nose gear pucks and tire. starter relay, master
  9. regarding the engine upgrade. I have been doing some research just in case i need a rebuild. The stc from lasar says 4 mile an hour increase in speed converting from 0-360 to io-360. The mooney manuals say 157 knot cruise in the f and 147 knot cruise in the g. I think mooney is pulling our legs about the speed of these planes. Just like my silverado is supposed to get 25 miles per gallon. Its 21 to 22. And for Lasar to say 4 miles an hour, I believe them. My 1300hr g model actually sits around 140 knots at 24/23 at 5000 which is quit fast i think. Lasar cowl enclosure made a big difference
  10. If the g model is the same airframe as the f. Why dont i see an stc for an io-390 for the g
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