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  1. Any info where I can get the SB update kit? Lasar appears to sell them $100/pp? They are out of stock have been for a while. Does anyone know of another supplier? ~Blake
  2. That’s amazing!!! Exactly my issue! There isn’t a spacer between the flange and the bearing just between the two bearings. I’ll get the kit and send it to him! Tailwinds! ~Blake
  3. I've got a grounded Mooney (6 years of not flying) that I need to get moved. I have a trusted A&P but has not previously worked on a Mooney. He/I have a question about the aileron controls. Specifically my aileron tubes are touching a landing gear component. There isn't any interference but metal on metal is concerning. See short video attached. Is this normal? Should there be some kind of teflon or other surface to prevent wear? Also when the gear is up this interference goes away. 1989 M20J Thanks in advanced! IMG_8896.MOV
  4. Fellow Aviators! I'm in the process of new ownership, reading through the bylaws of the local airport. Why am I required to name my airport as the certificate holder and additional insured on my policy? Shouldn't they carry their own insurance? Shouldn't my tie downs or hangar fees go toward their insurance policy??? @Parker_Woodruff Maybe you could help? I have an inherent distrust of government and their ability to file a claim without me determining my own fault in the matter makes me cringe. Also what is the certificate holder? What rights am I giving away there? Why don't I have to give my local municipality the same rights for my auto insurance? The city has their own insurance, so does the airport especially when I pay them for their services... odd. ~Blake
  5. For pax question, "my previous hand me downs" should be an option. I give my headset with the intermittent mic issue to the loudest talker.
  6. So knowing what the group knows, what should an '89 nearly log-less Mooney be worth? Airframe is in the 7600's Engine is 83 or so SMOH (with proof) cylinder 2 is only at 58/80 so $1500-$2500 for a new jug. No logs after 2001. Except the engine overhaul. Avionics Garmin 430 non waas. HSI appears to work. I've seen airworthy aircraft with similar kit and more hours 80-120k Date on the oil filter that I changed this weekend was 10/2015
  7. Having worked in as an analyst in an actuarial department I can tell you there is probably a statistical correlation between high time engines and claims. With how few aircraft there are in GA it would probably only take a handful of incidents to create a statistical blip to correlate high time engines to insurance claims. On a possibly related note I have a friend that I won't name have an engine almost 1k hours over TBO, off-hand he joked the cheapest way to get an overhaul is to pray for qualifying event that the insurance helps you pay for it. He sold 3 shares in his plane and not 6 months later a partner had... a prop-strike.
  8. Hehe missing gear door is an indicator the plane was parked on it. When I found it 2/3 tires were flat all the way to the rim. I have the door, its damage is consistent with improper tire inflation. I've been told there are two types of retractable gear aircraft, those that have had a gear up landing, and the ones that will. If this one has had a gear up, and the only thing that I can find that might be evidence of a gear up is some abrasion on a steel member on the belly wouldn't that imply that an extensive professional repair was done? Are there other long term consequences of a gear up landing for the plane? (For the pilot that will follow you around FOREVER) also wouldn't a gear up have record at the NTSB? (assuming gear up on landing not gear up while parked)
  9. Mooney fans, you have spoken and I will answer what I can. What are my motives? Why not buy a Mooney with logs and a current annual? I obviously have a soft spot for Mooney's and I mentioned I found it by calling people with derelict Mooney's not primarily because of the price point. I mean who doesn't love a good deal, but because they are increasingly rare and what they do they do exceptionally well and where one has the means and the time why the heck not? I'm not an A&P, nor will I likely ever be, IA is even further off. This one looked like one that could be saved. I can rent a Piper manufactured model PA-28R golf cart and stay current while I spend time with a friend spinning a wrench on a plane and creating something beautiful. Why do people buy old cars? I may create some groaning with this comment but I think the late J models are the apex of style and function in a "part time pilots" price range. I mean given millions of dollars the Pilatus PC-12 is sexy! But if I had the millions I needed to buy the Pilatus I wouldn't have the time to fly it. @OSUAV8TER Ima going to need some seals for the fuel cap, and be the second thing to add to a brand new log book. After the oil change I did this weekend. Good evening all, I'll leave you with a thought; as a son of an auto mechanic, grandson of a general contractor and a mom that could do just about anything with $10 I take to heart the quote from Frederick Douglas "If there is no struggle, there is no progress." We learn quickest from experiencing and overcoming the "hard things." Maybe this will ensure some Gen Z pilot has one more Mooney still around they can love as much as we love them.
  10. The one thing I do have is proof of time on the engine. And where I've stuck a scope in the cylinders, and one for sure needs work and another is a maybe. So for the insurance I do have when it was last overhauled. Again 80 confirmed hours on this engine. I'll have more info when I pull jug #2 and can see the cams. What I know: The right wing is wet, not because the gas is inside but because it is also outside. The pilot has no brakes but the co-pilot does Ailerons make a clunking noise Everything that should move is stiff, yoke, throttle, prop, mixture, old pilot, doors. There are no oil leaks anywhere Tires are round except where they're square Inside all the access panels are free of oxidation, water, dirt, living animals Fuel caps are for decoration, they don't keep the water out or the fuel in The engine is new, as are most of the aux components Alternator is attached but functions only as a tension pulley Runs great, fired up cold with only 1/2 a turn on blade of the prop Prop speed governor works and doesn't leak Plexiglass is surprisingly free of cracks UV oxidation and yellowing I wouldn't use the company that painted it last time to paint it again. I can do better with a rattle can in some places. That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger; or gives other people something to laugh at. ~Blake
  11. How do you say no to this face??? It's like your kid saying "daddy will you take me flying?" Jokes aside I'd be interested to know if my financing options are going to be limited. And if insurance is going to be an issue also.
  12. Yes you are 100% right it will look *really* fishy. Maybe I’m naive, but do people buy airplanes because they’re a good investment? I assume the aircraft will depreciate. But if I buy it at a great price, fly it 5-10 years keep good logs and sell it for less than I bought it for am I out any more than someone who paid more for a well documented plane? Say I buy a well documented plane for 85k fly it for 800 hours over the years and sell it for 40-60k I’m out 20-40k for the use of the aircraft. Now let’s say I get it for half and put 15-20k of work in it. I’m still 20k cheaper than the well logged plane to get into it. Then I put 800 hours on it sell it for 30-50k and I’m out 20-40k for the time I spent in the aircraft. Kinda 6’s isn’t it?
  13. @EricJ On your Mooney there is a steel truss near the wing spar right where there'd be marks if there was a gear up landing. I have a flat spot. It's the only thing I can find anywhere on the airframe that looks like it could have had a gear up landing. I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture. I'll be back in there to figure out what clanks on the ailerons when I turn it right.
  14. @RLCarter He "can't find them." He thought he was missing 5 years, which I believe because it's been sitting for 6. I have no logs from the last three owners. His personal situation is to abandon the standard brick and mortar way of life and become nomadic so either the logs are buried in a storage unit somewhere or he really did pitch them all when he moved out.
  15. @EricJ Yes. Fortunately for me I've found an airplane partner that is an A&P. So at least all the hours to go through the AD compliance list won't be at the standard rate. Also thanks for the AC43-9C Chg 2 reference for missing manuals. I think I understand why A&P's do so little work in the time they have, they spend half of it buried in paperwork. The sheer volume of paperwork documentation, cross-referencing is shocking. Where the aircraft is for me, rather than trying to flip a plane; resell value isn't super important.
  16. @orionflt I found it by calling people from local airports that had Mooneys with flat tires using FAA tail number records. Behold someone looking to sell! @RLCarter There indeed is a lien against it. Current owner has a year or two left on the loan. I'll for sure use a title company to move money around. @EricJ I have the engine overhaul documents from 2014. Serial number on the engine, pistons, I can see from the outside match. I think I have the AD compliance list for the engine at least. I have hobbs time from that 2014 overhaul. And the current hobbs is about 100 hours more than that. I believe I can infer the airframe total hours at 7500 ish. I have to replace #2 cylinder compression is 56/80, bore scope shows pitting in the wall about 1/2 up in the 5 o-clock position looking from the upper spark plug. I'll verify the s/n and condition of the cams when that is out. Thanks all!
  17. Illustrated parts manual is showing PN 800335-501 for the squat switch. Google'ing for the part number didn't return a ton of results so it may require the lead time quoted. ~Blake
  18. I've found a reasonable Mooney for sale that has 0 logs for the last 20 years. I have beautiful logs 1989 - 2001. Here's what I know: No NTSB reports for the aircraft for incidents I have in hand all the FAA records you can purchase, nothing scary there I know I'll need to re-certify every single AD since 2001 I have in-hand engine major overhaul paperwork in 2014 and complied AD's for the engine installed I have proof the current engine time is 80 hours. Once I have redone all the outstanding AD's have those in a new log book and rebuild the pieces that I can will that improve the value of the aircraft or should I offer the seller 1/2 the value of an equivalent Mooney for not having all the logs?
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