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  1. All, great comments, greatly appreciated. Found a 1965 M20E with a great interior and low time prop with most speed mods. Avionics are a shortcoming but that seems to be the only constraint that I could address over time. I’ve been quoted by two insurance companies, one for $2800 and one for $3300 annually. Do you any of you have a preferred insurance carrier or financing entity? Lastly, also curious if you have preferred lenders for purposes of terms and interest rates. Thanks!
  2. All, terrific feedback, thank you. I plan to explore some financing/insurance options this week and was curious if you had preferred lenders and insurers over the course of your ownership. I don’t have much RG time so I’m sure there will be a short term inflated rate. I’ve used AVEMCO in the past for renters insurance and they seemed pretty competitive. On the finance front, I’m on totally unknown ground. I’m a loyal AOPA member but I e heard their rates tend to be a bit high. Again, appreciate your insights. Best, KJC
  3. I’m looking at purchasing my first airplane and am strongly considering a Mooney given the value and performance. I’m an Army Aviator with 1600 hours total time; about 120 in fixed wing with the rest in rotary wing. Most of my fixed wing experience is in Cessnas of one kind or another. I understand the transition to Mooneys is largely focused on attention to airspeeds on final considering the tendency to float if too fast. Ideally I’d like to pursue the transition and learn in my own airplane versus paying someone else’s plane payment. That’s my background. As far as the mission for
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