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  1. All back together and purring like a kitten. Got a good XC in today, feels good to be back in the saddle after over a month of back and forth.
  2. Correct, that is how it was acting when I took it in for repair.
  3. When we originally spoke it was sounding like a bad switch. I was adamant that they tone the switch out and confirm or reject it’s operation as i started to get the feeling we were about to throw parts at it. The switch toned out good which led them down the path of investigating the wiring and found there was a wire tied to 12vdc where it should have been to 0vdc. I didn’t ask much further as to how that would explain how the switch was acting. I suppose I could take a look at the circuit with what they explained then try to tie that back to what was occurring. It would be really cool to get
  4. Final update, I hope. A&P did some investigation and found a misplaced wire when the relay was installed. They fixed and I am told everything is back to operating properly!
  5. I’m pretty well convinced that it’s a wiring issue. However, I’m curious why with this particular set up I cannot run both the SOS and starter in parallel. You’d think that should still function as that’s how it would operate when wired normally. I’d just expect my inputs to activate the wrong things. I’m missing a bit of the “how it works” info. The mx manager and I are becoming quite acquainted.
  6. Mine is definitely spring for starter engagement and push for SOS. I’m assuming SOS is the sound I’m hearing. I just double checked in the owners manual. Push to engage starter - spring for SOS. That’s concerning.
  7. Another update! Went to the field. Turns out the starter does work woohoo! But she still won’t start. Boo! I cannot engage the SOS and starter at same time. The starter will turn when I turn the key all the way to the right. As soon as I push in the key for spark the starter stops. The two need to work together and it seems I can only get one or the other.
  8. Yeah, I mean as far as I know I’m pushing it in hard enough. I’ve never had this problem before, and have many hours in the plane. Maybe I ought to give it a little more oomph. The odd thing is. It seems like it is bumping the starter right as I let off of pushing in. If you watch the video closely you’ll see the prop move to the right just a touch just as I let out of the key. Additionally, you can zoom in on the voltmeter and see the volts jump up to ~20vdc right as I let out for a split second.
  9. The odd sound it makes is when I’m pushing in on the key.
  10. Update! The saga continues. I sent the plane back to mx and they replaced the starter relay. When I got the plane back it no longer started. The mx team said it started fine at their hangar when it left. I went ahead and had the plane sent back and again they mentioned they had no problems starting it. So I’m at 2x back and forth with the mx hangar. So to recap, had the plane looked at because of no start. Starter installed. Took plane to mx after starter stuck engaged. Starter Relay replaced. Returned airplane after starter relay replacement because of no start. Pl
  11. I’m not sure the model of skytec, I should probably know that. The plane is a ‘63 M20C.
  12. Just had a skytec installed 2 weeks ago. Today was going to be my second time out in the plane since the install. I’m curious if anyone has dealt with this before. Started the engine and noticed my voltage hanging out at 10.8. Thought that was odd and noticed a sound from the engine that just wasn’t normal. So I sat there for a second looking things over and decided I better shut her down to investigate. I pulled mixture and to my surprise the prop never stopped. So I panicked. I killed mags. Nothing. Prop still going. Finally hit the master and everything came to a halt. Investigated up
  13. Well for anyone wanting to know. Hank said it best. Both. You have to remove cowl to get access to electrical connections because they do not have enough slack to allow you to remove the bulb from the front. Seems like a design oversight. Now to find a bulb.
  14. The landing light bulb burnt out last night on our 1962 M20C, is it as simple as removing the four screws on the front side of the bulb to remove it? I've researched and it seems like you either a) remove the co-pilot lower cowl and get to the bulb from the rear or b) remove the four screws (located at ~005, 140, 220 355 degrees) on the front side retaining ring and it slides out through the front. Those are pretty different in terms of labor involved. I just want to have an idea of what I am getting into before heading over to the hangar. If its a cowl removal, I likely won't get to
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