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  1. Unrelated to the new Ovation - I wanted to post about the folks at KTEL in Tell City, IN. I recently landed there on my way to Kerrville. Their mission is to make GA affordable and they're doing it right. A courtesy car, cheap fuel, a place to sleep for the night and most importantly, mid-west friendliness! Thanks to Ken and Mark at KTEL - appreciate the service! Stop by and say hello! Jonny
  2. Nothing nefarious about "last." We're working on better - faster, more useful load. Stand by. Jonny
  3. Hey Folks. Not sure if anyone is interested, but we are selling the last Ovation Ultra coming off the line. It's on sale for $695,000.00 and you can pick the interior colors if you act fast. It has NXi Phase 2. It's a great deal. Contact sales@mooney.com Jonny
  4. In response to the question - which forum to use, as I've mentioned, we added a forum to the Mooney website so we could interact more freely with the community. And we intend to have one of our tech people jump into threads on behalf of Mooney on Air Traffic when it seems appropriate. When we do start building planes, we'll be directly in touch with our customer base as well. That being said, I along with some of the Mooney staff will "lurk" here now and then (case in point this message) so you're not losing out either way. We're not trying to compete, we're just becoming more accessible to al
  5. Hey Folks. The new Mooney website is up and running, take a look and jump in. We'll be improving and adding to it over the next few weeks. We welcome your participation in the forum and we may tap some of you to write blog as well. We're working hard but there's lots to do so please be patient with the website and our plans. Be safe and remember, there's no covid or politics at 10,000 feet, so go fly! Be safe! Jonny
  6. New website will be on-line soon! Stand by - hoping for the end of this week. Jonny
  7. Hey All - Kits are in and are going out to the service centers Monday. We've also ordered more that we should have in December. Jonny
  8. Hi Guys - If you need new flight controls, you have to go to a service center and they will ping us. If that doesn't work, then write me again and I'll step in. Issue is, we cant go around our service centers - but they can come to us and I'm happy to follow up if necessary. Jonny
  9. Not an item we can manufacture unfortunately. Would require super expensive tooling and the return wouldn't justify it. We're on top of it and I don't expect many more delays going forward. Jonny
  10. Good news everyone! Kits will be arriving at Mooney the last week of November and then out to the service centers. And we've order additional ones that will arrive early next year. Jonny
  11. Just got word. Kits will be here before the end of the month. Stand by!
  12. The kits haven't arrived yet, it's a bit out of our hands but they've accelerated the delivery and I pushed to get some before we got the entire order. Stand by. Jonny
  13. Hi Folks - To those asking if Mooney is still a "Thing" I can assure you that we are unequivocally a "Thing." In fact, I would venture to say we are more than a "Thing," we are like a "Super Thing!" You'll continue to get your parts, you'll get customer service and I'm hopeful you'll get new planes one day. We're working on it and we're getting there. I'm running the place so I can say all this with confidence and I'm hopeful that in the near future, we'll graduate from being a "Thing" to being "An aviation company you can be proud of again!" Safe flying! More good things to come!
  14. Thanks for sharing this video. I've spoken to the CEO of Pipistrell and I plan to fly the Panthera. They've done a remarkable job with this plane, but until you actually fly a plane, you just don't know it it lives up to the hype. What I know about the Mooney is that its efficiency comes in a solid frame that has a slow roll rate making it really stable platform for IFR . All I can say is that we are looking at all these models and evaluating.
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