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  1. Just out of annual, awaiting brake cylinder to complete. Pictures in attached file. I will sell with or without hangar. Call my cell if interested, 617 733-9332. Thanks, Rob Adams 1963 Mooney M20C.pdf
  2. I see you have brake master cylinders. I need one. Are they Paramount? Thanks, Rob Adams cell 617 733-9332
  3. I'll get a picture tomorrow. This breaker runs the electric turn coordinator that comes on with the master relay. There is another pull out type breaker that runs the avionics part of the autopilot that turns on with the avionics master switch. Thanks, Rob Adams
  4. Does anyone have or know where I can get a 5A red button type circuit breaker for my 1963 M20C? One of mine that runs my Stec 30 TC stopped working. Thanks, Rob Adams cell 617 733-9332.
  5. $55,000 • FOR SALE • Price includes hangar at KTAN!, flys & runs great!, 4850TT, 1250 SMOH, 20 STOP IRAN, 60 SP reseal, Manual gear, New touchscreen Garmin GPS-175, STEC 30 AP with altitude hold, coupled to GPS and LOC/GS, dual KX-155 navcoms, Garmin GTX 327 TXP, Skybeacon ADSB out, Stratux wifi ADSB in, paint 5, interior 5, new carpet, alternator conversion, 6 pack gauges, fresh IFR cert, audio panel with MB, 4 place intercom, standby vacuum, EI UBG-16 engine analyzer loaded, LED landing light, retractable step, multiple speed mods, tanks resealed, custom cover, 713lb useful load with ful
  6. Skates97, I'll take it. I can Venmo, Paypal, check, whatever works. Please give me your contact info to radamsces@gmail.com. I also need a left brake cylinder. I rebuilt it, then honed, then rebuilt again and it holds after one pump but goes to floor under light pressure. At least I'm getting good at taking it on & off. Thanks, Rob Adams
  7. If there is still a MP/FP gauge available, I need one for my 1963 M20C. N6563U.
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