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  1. Many modern pieces of avionics have bluetooth or wifi connectivity. Can these devices be hacked in a harmful way? How about autopilots ?
  2. Thank you very much, I appreciate Caruso (prestigious name)
  3. 12 more gallons would solve my problem! I'll definitely check the real capacity of my tanks
  4. Thank you for the suggestion. I'll definitely check this
  5. Allow me to disagree with you on this point. there are many countries in africa where the distances far exceed the autonomy of our planes. For example if you want to fly to lokichogio (HKLK) from nairobi (HKNW) and back, you have to send barrels of fuel to loki a few days before you fly there! I can cite many more similar or worse examples in other african countries. This point is however irrelevant to the subjet which is how to get long range tanks whatever the purpose of the need is.
  6. Is this something which could be done on the K? Even adding 5 gal per tank would mean a lot
  7. of course it is unsafe whether forbidden or not. But in some cases, it isn't even a question of cost. Avgas is not available in many places in africa so you can't even go there if you don't have enough fuel for your return flight. Unless Jose Monroy decides to get back to business, there seems to be no other solution
  8. It is not uncommon to have to pay as much as 1300$ for a 200lt (53 gal) barrel of AVGAS in some african countries. Thid yields to 25$/gal compared to 10$ in a neighboring country. Thus the need for LR tanks. But at 30k, it makes more sense to just carry the fuel in cans (or in a turtlepac) although it would take all the baggage compartment space and limit the quantity to 20gal only.
  9. I investigated all the solutions provided in this thread. Indeed there is a possibility to get the LR tanks in my plane, but the kit + install might end up costing close to 30k!
  10. Many thanks for these constructive replies. I'll check with reseal shops. Maybe with a bit if luck? Would it be legal to install bladders and connect them to the fuel system? Wouldn't that require an STC?
  11. Hi, I need LR tanks in my m20k. Jose Monroy has no appetite to make new ones since he has had a stroke. is there any other option?
  12. Maybe not at 15000 ft but when coming down roughly between 8000 and 12000 ft?
  13. Best wishes and merry Christmas to you Mr Monroy!
  14. I am in africa. Do you mean shops than can install a kit that they will have to order from monroyaero or that they might have in stock ? Obviously if a shop has one available, then it is more interested in installing the kit than simply selling it. But I am prepared to compensate for this.
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