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  1. I had mine fail in the exact same manner. 1/4 of it fell out and was in the belly. I found one on ebay, but I haven't got it yet.
  2. I sent mine to Aeromotors last week with a check for $450. They offered exchange and will send one back next day.
  3. I usually get it at Lowe's. I have never had trouble getting it.
  4. When I turn mine on, fuel starts spewing out of the open NPT connector on the bottom. Does that mean its bad? 69C I just got the plane and am trying to restore it.
  5. I am a new Mooney owner that is trying to restore a bird that has sat for 15 years. The tank was resealed in 2001, and the sealant looks good. I put fuel in it and it is dripping on the underside edge near the landing gear. So I was thinking I would try to patch it first. I read the DMax procedure, and the Flame Master sealant is what he uses. Where do I get that? I found some CS3204 on aircraft spruce, but no CS3330.
  6. I am trying to restore an M20C, and I have an O-360-A1D with no oil filter. I have been told a screw on adapter wont fit a mooney, and others have said to go with the remote mount. I am just looking for the best option to add a filter. It looks really tight back there. Brian
  7. I am also looking for 106. I just acquired a Mooney M20C that has been sitting for 20 years. Brian Coate
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