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  1. Yes, exactly. It was around this area: https://goo.gl/maps/Uh79bJ5VVXuyNRXEA And here is the flight path:
  2. No It doesn't have radar altimeter. And yes flying 100-110kts was hard. We where constantly over speeding this poor Socata
  3. It may be the stormscope antenna. Good to learn something new everyday
  4. OK I belive where was my mistake. In order to update safetaxi I have to take the SDCARD from aircraft and update it using JDM instead of using secondary card which updates only NavData.
  5. Hi all. I have problem updating my database. I've bought and downloaded via jeppesen and everything seems to be working fine besides the fact that I have to idea how to add EUROPE region to my safe taxi database.
  6. We did some in air photo shoot two weeks ago. Boy I need to clean this belly and never forget sunglasses. EDIT: Better quality pictures here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/kdHHr7dNsjJPSZbg7
  7. If possible try to fly as many planes as possible to build your own opinion. I'd choose something that YOU like to fly. Your passengers really won't care that much and one trip to Bahamas every once and while won't be a deal breaker even if comfort is not great. I can't say for you but from my experience I find that initially most of the time you will either fly solo or with one pax because flying is what we love most about our airplanes. Mode of transportation is second to that. In my humble opinion find the plane you like to fly and the rest will follow and hey if it can't make it to Bahamas
  8. Hi Mooniacs. I have a question regarding operating LOP. Therr is a significantly lower temperature on one of EGT readings, is that ok or should I worry about it? TIT is to be replaced yet (it's faulty)
  9. A quick update. Service in Kamenz somehow managed to get this part quickly so the plane is finally back home at EPGD I managed to call emergency already at EPGD because pitch trim "didn't work" problem was fixed by turning on AP (facepalm). Nevertheless I'm super happy and proud of this plane though there are some issues I need to fix, particularly: 1. replace TIT: I have this part already but don't know if that is just a simple unscrew old one and screw in new one or do I need mechanic to perform this task 2. replace battery 1: it sometimes goes down to 17 Volts so I guess it may n
  10. I have found this one but it is rev-3 and also used but the price is steep for such a small part. https://aircraftpartsandsalvage.com/aircraft-parts/airframe/general-airframe/landing-gear/mooney-ldg-retract-assist-bungee-assy/?add-to-cart=323387 Will it fit my plane?
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